Draft Horse Bridle

Draught horse bridle

The King Series Draft Horse Show Bridle. The Perri's Draft Horse English Bridle at Mary's is a brown or black oversized bridle made of high quality leather, with reins. Backgauge and tack design. Starting with the carriage chassis up to the bridles. The Hermann Oak harness uses leather and bridle leather for our large horse and headband headpieces and single-ear headpieces.

Perri's design horse English Bridle

This draft horse bridle for the big horse is made from Perri's leathers in the United States by amic artisans. Made of high grade leathers, buckled ends and suitable bridles. The rein has ends with buckles. Because of the many years of experience, this Draft Horse Bridle is not only great looking but also long-lasting.

Oversize draught horse stacks at a great prize! This bridle is available in black or brown. Draught.

Design Horse Tack

Robust and actually made for a design. It is located on the smallest of holes, so there is a lot of space if your draught is greater. Exceptional and long-lasting durability. Good value for money. Doesn't match my neighborhood horse. Teeth are of lower grade, but the calfskin is great.

With this bridle I was uncertain mainly because of the cost, but I got it and it really is a great one! It' a perfect match for my American Cream design. That' a real snaffle bridle, so I don't think it would work for a crucifix. I' ve got a lot of room to get taller.

It' hardly fitting my 2-year-old Percheron (17. 1 hand).... but it does. I' ve worked in saddlery before and it doesn't stink of leathern. I am careful of the calfskin, that is also inexpensive..... so no really surprising. Well done and matching my Belgium design.

If they say these are design great, they really mean it! I' ve got a very big draf-x and they just go (it's about 17 handlers, 1600 lbs). if it was any smaller or shorter, they would be too broad & high. Beautiful, high-quality for a draughty fellow! This has been on my horse every day for several years.

It looks good and is a good fit. Notice that this will fit on a design box. That piece is of great qualitiy. That' s also a great value, other places wanted more than 40 bucks for a design. I' ve noted that when ordering for the design, places will be much higher due to the overall dimensions of the work.

All this was reasonably priced, of high value and delivered quickly. I' ve got an MFT-geldig that has a neck that doesn't fit a thighs! It adapts and adapts itself perfect! Lovely, saturated colors, super-soft stockings and high-quality hardwares. This is not in case there are no outliers, but I use it as a care product and a nice noseband for my blood-red gelding M:)

I' ve bought this holster for my daily wear. I' ve chosen the mean horse height for a 16-handed saddle horse. It'?s a perfect fit. The holster did not cause any friction. This holster seems to be very well made and will last for a long time. Lovin' that holster!

Has been to him for the appropriate price for a design holster and the fact that it is in Purple (and not just the regular blacks, blues and reds.) But the qualitiy is outstanding and it suits my "18.

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