Draft Horse Cinch

Design Horse Cinch

I needed a slap for a draught horse. Neoprene Western Cinches or straps: Extra durable, shock-absorbing neoprene cinch resists the elements. This is our all time best selling Western Cinch in Draft Horse size! Deluxe Weaver felt lined design Super Cinch.


Made of 3 " Pol web with high-grade fittings. Of course, the wet suit liner is sweat-lubricated to avoid friction. Height: 40",42",44",46" "Skip this..." awful extent! Both small circles are wrongly fastened, they are too far back so that they would actually be between horse and belt and cause pains!

"The " Well made " quality is great, matches our Belgium filly perfect, absolute non-slip and motionless. Satisfied with the price of this belt.


You can order our tailor-made westernskins in any of the colours below in either felt with black felt or plain or printed polyester. Brown, Red, Hunter Greens, Burgundy, Navy, Light Brown, Brown, Grey, Purple, Purple, Turquoise, Aqua, Pink, Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow, Hunter Orange, Pink, Neon Greens, Lime (Light Yellow Green), Please note: Felt is only available in Schwarz.

38 ", 40", 42", 44", 46", 48" Other dimensions can be ordered with a reference in the boxes on the shopping cart page.

Design Horse Cinch by Shenandoah

The Draft Horse Cinch is made of non-slip fabric. Draft Horse Cinch is a patent pending draft horse with an open, breathing PVC fabric that keeps the area under the belt cold. Other Cinch models have duplicated this, but can't use the patent pending network inside that allows room for warmth and ventilation to flow through the Cinch. There are two sturdy S.S.D.'s in the middle for simple fastening of exercise equipment.

{\pos (192,210)}This west Cinch won't scrub, blanch or galle. It' easily cleanable, just spray. Shenandoah Cinch does not contain germs such as leathers, fleeces or textile belts.

Back Cinch-Set - Tucker

For more than 30 years Tucker has been devoted to the creation, manufacture and manufacture of trailsem saddles and devices that offer our characteristic Ultimate Tril Comfort for horse and riding. Today Tucker Saddles are the industry benchmark in terms of riding comfort, performance and riding comfort.

Featuring the patent-pending Gel-Cush shock-absorbing fit integrated into every Tuck ers trailer semitrailer, drivers around the globe enjoy the highest levels of ride quality for countless miles. Pride of place, Tuckers are handmade in Yoakum, Texas, and distributed through a worldwide dealer chain of authorised distributors.

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