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REGISTERED BLUE ROAN PERCHERON GELDING TEAM - Horses/Mules. BEELGIAN WEANLING STUD COLTS - Horses/Mules. At Equine.com we have the largest selection of horses for sale in New Mexico. Design horses for sale included draught horses, mules, percherons, ponies, crossed halflings and Belgian horses.

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Sketch Buckeye Horse & Colt Sale

18:00 hours pre-view of saleshorse. New...at 19:00 there will be a horse train on the grandstand during the horseshow. We will also take uncatalogued horse with us. In autumn we will hold a futureurity auction. Click the Futureurity page for more information.

Schedule to join us for two thrilling evenings where you can purchase and experience registered draft horse of all age groups. Our company is enthusiastic about the qualitiy of the horse we ship. Booked places will be offered the preauction date, beginning at 12:00 noon, for $17.00 each.

You can buy your ticket in the auctions section. There' gonna be a phone in our offices on the sales date.

Association of Wild Rose Horse Breeders

Ever since, the association has been directly in charge of such rewarding activities as the annual draft horse and climbing sales in retirement homes, youth and 4H hospitals, The Futurity in Ponoka and Stanton's Field Day near Spruceview. You will also be supporting youth in most Alberta Draft Horse shows.

The 24th annual sale is imminent and we welcome the generality! Wildrose Draft Horse Association Directors are delighted to announce the Annual General Meeting 2018.

You are welcome

This is a publicly funded annual event to meet the needs of farmers of all draught horse races. In order to ship, please return $70 (non-refundable) and your initial registry documents as well as a duly completed copy of the payment to the name and postal adress below. With broodmares it is to be paid attention that they contain all breed information. Add any comment you want posted in the catalogue for each shipment.

If you are a yearling, you must register completely or have submitted an application to be added to the catalogue. Every shipment must be catalogued. Please click here for the sales catalogue 2018!

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