Draft Horse Collars for Sale

Draught Horse Collars for sale

The Buy Now Horse harness is available to fit mini by pulling horses. The harness of your horse must be comfortable, manoeuvrable and attractive. Ancient leather Western Farm Country Draft Horse Collar. [ Man] Tack & Equipment For Sale / Wanted.

Note: Yankee harness includes horse bridle unless a mule bridle is required.

eventer harness, hardware and tack

Fully serviced Harness Store offers harnesses for riding, draught, pull and show. Halter, ham, collars, earrings, pillows, blankets, and more. No 1471 Langford Trail, email: web: mini's to designs, bites, tableware, collars & pad, Pioneer equipment dealers, bird-in-hand coaches, and more! 6928 County Road 77, harnesses and horse accessories, P.O. Box 343, E-Mail: web:

Reliable slurry collection pocket for town carts, trolleys, parades, trolleyservice, saddleryporses. D-824 Sixth St, 9190 P 430, New dishes for sale and old repairs, some repairs of saddles. Upholstery made of leathers, Bio-Than and Nylons as well as many other items; ask for catalogues. Harnes for farms, one-way trips, lumberjack, mule. Free catalogue. No. 11638 North East Rd, custom made for show, fun or work.

Nylons and organic. Equestrian workout. D-6543 Akonerva Rd, Dept. RH, Web: to design; plus complete line of collars, pods, ham, holsters, evenings, toboggan and more. harnesses and accessories for horses. 159 Township Road 3649, BioThane plated stockings for all dimensions.

Horse-drawn carriage, riding - horse harness

These are an old couple from the 1800s to the early 1900s made of steel. Like on the photos below some leathers are attached& in good state except for some corrosion. You came out of a shed on a land sale. The Canadian Cross Teams harnesses with leashes and bridle.

This is the design of the back padded version of the original thyesian harnesses. Names are 26" names. They have a maximum pole length of 44" and 6" bridle width. There' are a number of routes. It is in good condition. These are for a draught horse tackle with linen and bridle.

These hams are 24" full-grain hams with a dual bottom loop. Maximum circumference is 100". The fences are biothanes and have a maximum pole length of 56" and 6" bridle bit. These are beautiful, durable dishes that are in good condition.

That'?s for a horse-drawery. There' re no ropes or fences. It is a highly durable belt. Prosciutto are 28" high-grade hams. This is a hard wearing kit with nickel stains. It is in good condition. It' from a collection of crockery from St. Joe's.

It' completely equipped with waist belt break fasteners, back belts and quarters. This is a beautiful item if you have the remainder of the paraglider or if you only need spare parts for your paraglider. It is a large padded and padded bridle and linen version of the traditional four wheeler. There is no back padding on the back of the padded version of the traditional Canada cruciform belt.

Names are 26" names. Each bridle has a maximum pole length of 54" and one has a 5 1/2" bridle bite and the other has a 6" bridle bite. A number of teams exist. It is in good condition. This is a very beautiful 34 pieces (without the screws) much new and empty horse harnesses.

The Vee spacer is old, but has been applied to a rubber band because the hide is rot. An amican man from Hazelton, iowa does a lot of my leatherwork. It re did that stretcher, its dangling on my partition I've never used it, some of the chain can have fissures, some are either redd or blues. the catches are primordial, the cardio is thick leathers have lots of horse material on line in the morning my congregation downloads to make room for a new rifle safely.

It is an ancient front wheel horse collars that was initially used for a draught horse or for mules. At the back are the remains of the mark, which I cannot decode together with the #61 (see above pictures) The massive oaken design has proven itself, but the bracelet is somewhat damaged and fractured at one point.

It is an old front wheel horse collars that was initially used for a draught horse or a burro. Massive oaken structure has proven itself, the belt is a little degraded and weary. Weaver' woven reins for a singles horse. It' hard sewn nappa to the teeth.

These are harnesses for draught horses with linen bridle. Names are 29" names. They have a maximum pole length of 54" and 6" twistbits. We have a number of beautiful teams. It' a 3 straps china breakon. It is in very good condition. Draught horse, lightweight organic chest collars, linen and teeth not including.

Used, but in good condition. Was on a 1500 pounds 46-hour horse and an 18-pound 60-hour horse. To be auctioned is a design of a chest protector for the belt. Auctions are for a set of tracks and 4 items. 4 years ago we shut down our coach shop and this is the last of the unsold harnesses.

Ancient horse gear headpiece with round, ornamental cup ends at the teeth. Mainly leathers. A little biothan/plastic or pat on blinkers. Do not return thanks for looking and checking out my other horse staple for sale.

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