Draft Horse English Tack

Design Horse English Tack

Purchase the design of an English horse online at the best price. There is a huge collection of premium quality draught horses, English saddles, reins and bridles. ANGLISH HOME - Designs for miniatures SHADDLE - We have a large choice of more than 40 new English saddles, among them style for training, narrow jump ) and general use. Bates, Collegiate, Crosby, Duett, Flex Dabbs, Harry Dabbs, HDR, Ovation, Thornhill, Toulouse, Wintec & ein 12 Zoll Silver Fox Minisattel. When we don't have the right seat sizes (suitable for horse and rider), we will be glad to help you find out what works and what is ordered for you!

Pessoa seats can also be ordered. Our company accepts high qualitiy calipers for trading or delivery. Telephone orders for all our seats are taken during normal office opening times with Visa and Mastercard. SEAT FASTENING: Come in and let us help you find the best seat for you and your horse!

Wherever possible, we advise our clients to take their horse (park your horse in our large driveway) to the seat attachment. Call us for further information and to make an appointment with us for your seat adjustment. Simple change of esophagus, by arrangement (some charges payable - ALL charges will be reduced to all exchangeable esophagus calipers bought in our store).

We have many show, general purposes and training pods with a large range of colours in store. Braid - We have a vast range of show brushes in any size (pony to oversize) and finish. TORYLEATHER has fantastic "made in the USA" leathers of all sorts.

We' ve also been importing unbelievably smooth Englis Sedgwick bridle leathers with the best prices we could find! In addition, we offer a range of attractively designed, very affordable, high grade, handcrafted school building tacks for everyday use. Horse owner - we have English bridle in draft sizes from England. Upholstered Nylons (colour of your choice) and "Beta" Biothan (synthetic) fences with genuine leathers are also available for simple maintenance.

Gladly we order Zilco (synthetic) also in your favourite colour (or colour combination) made to measure! If you want to give your look a little extra colour, these are a must! The colour coordinates your look between your horse's headband, a pet lead for your favourite pet puppy and a strap and wristband for you!

There are several options in store, or we can come in and select the different colour options for each of the styles in the catalogue. Premier quality braun or ebony leathers are used and they come in different size to suit all. We have a vast range, and 100% stainless steel (except nickel silver, or the brass in some mouthpieces).

Of everything we have a little bit, from small to deep, from easy bridles to jumping lifts, and we have JP bit (curved rods for the comforts of your horse) of Korsteel.

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