Draft Horse Girth

Design horse belt

Neoprene Western Cinches or straps: A perfect webbing, oversized for your draft horse. neoprene pulling horse belt. EVERY horse loves the comfort of this padded and curved leather belt. Do not touch the other harness or the horse.

American Horse Girths - Tailors

The structured belt pattern in the west assists in the distribution of warmth while at the same time avoiding abrasion. To keep your horse safe and comfortably, a high grade RCA or girth is indispensable. Carefully thought-out horse belts maximize airflow and are easily cleaned to eliminate bacterial growth. There is a large range of west belts (also known as Cinches) from major manufacturers such as Dura-Tech®, Professional's Choice® and Weaver.

Constructed from high quality fabrics such as moisturizing woollen mixes, smooth and smooth Alpakaha fur, breatheable synthetics fl eece and convenient Mahair. The Weaver, T3 and Dura-Tech range offers top quality woollen mixes and woollen horse belts engineered for a comforting yet still convenient fitting. Woollen is a natural moisture-transporting fabric that keeps your horse comfortably under the seat.

RCA clasps, RCA pillows or wetsuit pads (depending on model) ensure an optimum fitting. The belts contain high-grade SS equipment and certain models have characteristics such as a storage padding, propylene strap and rolling clasp. Both are very powerful, breatheable, water repellent and durable, and they give off warmth while transporting away damp.

Neither of them is hypoallergenic for horse with delicate skins. Select from 100 per cent Alpaka, 100 per cent Mosaic or a mixture of both from businesses such as Professional's Choice and Classic Equine. Further characteristics according to your personal taste are rustproof high-grade metal clasps and ring, customized rolling clasps, reinforced leathers and a contour designed outline.

The Classic Equine, Toklat and Dura-Tech range offers cinch ers and straps made of mesh fabric. Gentle and supple, they adapt to the horse's form and evenly spread the force to keep him comfy. It is a non-woven fabric that dissipates humidity and prevents rubbing and squeezing. Characteristics of the different styles includes bulletproof top, antibacterial resistant non-woven fabric, customized high grade steal clasps, high grade steal or high grade nickle plate metal parts and washing capability.

Syntetic straps are suitable for those suffering from allergies to wetsuits. There are several different wetsuit harnesses from Professional's Choice, Classic Equity, Weaver and Dura-Tech. According to your personal taste, there are tailor-made roll-belts for a better lever effect, high-grade steal-belts and middle practice ring, hard-wearing polyamide fabric, leasing belt and robust Velcro? to name but a few.

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