Draft Horse Superstore

Design Horse Supermarket

The supermarket supplies carriages, dishes and horse equipment to the whole world. Enormous selection of horse trailers and medium-duty trucks. Everyone hears about these people...

Carolina Carriage Superstore

You always seem to have a few designs for sales, and you also have gear and advertising for riding classes. As I prepare to buy a horse, I am then facing an attempt to get dishes that really match, although I know nothing about matching dishes...somehow had the idea of going to this place where I could take the horse, the dishes and a lecture while I was there!

A lot of good people out there who often have clubs for sales, often you can get the harnesses and neckbands that the club used. When they bring you together with a badly-fitting crew, it's a much larger task. We' re still about 6 months away from being able to buy designs from a financial point of view.

Draft Horse Rescue - You can find them on Facebook. Draft Horse and Mule Association - Dunnelin, Fla. 2 1/2 hrs away. Here is a Alabama based crew - offer parcel with seat belt and $4500 tireless car. Have a look at the page for the dotted designs.

Then watch and find the most sincere rider, who also has the best relation to his family. You say they can do more work than a horse of the same height with less food. Go get Lynn Miller's Work Horse manual. It takes care of everything, from selecting your teams, to the difference between horse and horse, to equipping and costs.

My Fjord Mule brothers made good mates. Thinks they can do the work of a much bigger traditional group. You might be working on your own crew by then! All I can say is to find someone who has expertise and know-how to help you when you're willing to look at your crews, wiring harnesses and cars.

Personally, I like the notion of a good, sound crew of older designs or multiples or well-trained fjords for you. Now that I have my giant ass in practice, it will be a beautiful, quiet squad, unlike the smaller squad that was a fistful last night! An indigenous lady warns me about the Florida design of the horse sanctuary.

On the Fla Draft Horse & Pony page I was, but the links to their website seem to be interrupted chronic, so I never saw the real website. When I contacted the Georgia Draft Horse Federation because their website was up and running, I didn't hear anything back. Did you try to go to one of the pet homes locally?

There were 3 old asses that our locals (Animal Ark) had registered as gifts....the individual turned out to be working at the locals wireless stations, and the asses were really too old for the job (25+ y.o.!)...but the girl said, "Hey, I know a girl who REALLY drives asses...." turned out to be the one who (now) is known here as Demented Donkey Lady!

A tipper truck attached to our grass tractors and an old shepherd dog patch with cushioned chest armour and large D-rings over the seat + a 40# kid. I' ll mail him some pictures. I'm sure it'll be fun. Here is another "back door" method in: Take out an ad in the newspaper and/or free newspaper - the one with all the ads in it ( most places have those ) and say you are looking to accept or buy a draft horse... might find someone with one they want to see go to a good house - and if they have a draft horse/mule/sel, they probably can use it.

Robert, I tried Fla Horse Bulletin, Craigslist and the Florida forums on Horsetopia and came up empty-handed. A little I emailed with a woman in N. Florida who is carrying out some bailouts that have enlightened me about some of the reality of designs against lightweight horse, and that was an eye-opener.

Many years ago one of my horse job was for the MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA and I worked there when they defeated a flock of Clyde broodmares and a Shire sire. So I' m gonna have to take good pictures of the ponies. Think I' ll just chill it out and see if I can get an answer by slug post from Fla Draft Horse Assn.

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