Draft Horse Tack

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Dedicated turning points, protective boots, fly masks, halter and training equipment for draught horses, warm-blooded horses or large sport horses. This is the largest selection of draft horse tacks. Large selection of Draft Horse Western and English Bridles. Each Triple E Manufacturing's draught horse tacks are individually made to your specifications. Drag/Large Horse Silver Show headstall and reins.

Us LOVE Images of your designs carrying our work.

Designs usually come in two different categories. It is a small, round 16 handed, compact "farm food", broad and shallow. Larger, 17+ hand, smaller clutch model. Our product range covers both dimensions. Some designs and crosses, however, do not belong in either of the two categories. You own a draught horse, like a Frisian or a Gypsy?

Fourth Horse, Mustang and TWH owner with a difficult fitting horse, we can also help you! We' ve looked high and low, and we've collected many designs that are difficult to find. Please do not hesitate to ask us any question or make any suggestion for any product you would like us to have worn. Just--just make sure we have the horse's name and your name.

Some interesting information about your beautiful horse can also be published if you let us know.

In the course of the ages there were not many driving force in America.

In the course of the ages there were not many driving force in America. Conestoga and Vermonter, the former draught horse, were included in the general horse group. When America became the bread basket of the earth, the need for bigger and quicker ponies became clear, especially in the design of new agricultural tool.

When these thoroughbred ponies were introduced, the mean horse weight rose from 1200 to 1500 lbs to 1900 lbs. Today, the Belgium draught horse surpasses all other draught horse races. Founded in Wabash, Indiana, in 1887, the US Federation of Belgium Horse Owners was founded. Driving ponies are now an avarage of 1600 lbs or better and have at least 16 palms up.

The majority are Belgians or Percheron. They are still used today, especially by the Amish, to cultivate large areas in the east of the United States. html += '; html += '; html += ' ' ' + $(element).find('.itemTitle'). html() + '; html += ' + $(element).find('.listingDescription'). html() + '; html +

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Our draught horse teeth are made of high-quality high-grade high-grade steal..... A draft horse-bit draft horse with a jagged, flat mouthpiece. Comes with kerb anchor and high-grade stone..... Coronet Draft Horse Military Elbow Coronet driven driven bits Incl. kerb anchor and kerb necklace.

Our bit are all made of high grade stainless steel.....

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