Draft Horse Tack Canada

Design Horse Tack Canada

We are pleased to expand our range of wind saddles with this model from Dakota. They were used in racing, draught, trail and endurance sports. 15" to 17" Dakota Draft Horse Trail Saddle 214

We are pleased to extend our range of wind calipers with this Dakota range. It' s constructed on their design trailer tack and has a new look of dual in rock riding, 1 1/4" cantele, and a deep gold browns with a troubled grain hide pad. Back strap is 6" longer for your draught horse.

She also offers off-billets, chest collars enes, bolts & washer with cords on the front and rear deeklips for all your trailer equipment. I trained my draught horse and had difficulties to find a rider that fits him. He is 17 years old.

Two hours and 1400 pounds. This is the perfect fit for him and me. As a present for my fiancé, I ordered this seat because his seat did not match his train crucifix. But the critiques were good and I chose to take a break.

But I was very much struck by the rider when he came and I wanted to put my report here to possibly help anyone else on the order post. This seems to be a good top of the range at a reasonable cost. I' ve ordered the 17'' for my fiancé and he finds it very convenient, but I also like to ride in it, although I usually use a 16'' pad.

And the horse seems to be enjoying it too: This seat is fantastically for our pupils! Used in a horse therapy centre, this seat is great for our pupils. Those who use this seat are our greatest and sometimes very out of equilibrium. It was this rider that made the big distinction for our Belgium filly, both physical and emotional!

Our pupils find it extremely convenient! Seventeen inches Draft Track saddle ordered a 17 inches Draft seat, bridles, reins as well as a rucksack made with strong shoulder for my big man..... I got there quickly within the timeframe as I was in Canada, it was really well packaged, it was a very good looking seat, but I was a little careful with the stirrup, they were unlike anything I had rode, but I will acknowledge that this quickly became my favourite seat, I loved it, although it is an centimetre smaller than my other seat, it suits me well, you can go there for five whole day a day a week and it is still just as good.

I was reluctant to buy a seat on-line because of the various complexity associated with the fitting of the seat. The Dakota Trailsadtel is like a gloves on my train crucifix and is extremly comfy. Extendable with Saddlebags and the like....perfect trailer semi.

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