Draft Horses for Adoption

Driving horses for adoption

Almost every horse has the potential to become an enriching companion. Do not buy a draft horse before you check the adoption. Locate horses offered for adoption by rescue organizations and farms. All these horses need to do is find a new home and could be yours. Be a volunteer, adopt, donate, there are even free ways to help!

Horses available - "You can't make a difference in the way you save a man's life, but for one man's life is different forever...."

The Connecticut Draft Horse Resources, Inc. is a charitable horse lifecycle organisation devoted to the improvement of the life of draught horses by rescuing them from life-threatening conditions, involving negligence or misuse, slaughterhouses or auction sites where they can be resold for sale for slaughter and those whose owner can no longer meet their needs.

We quarantine, medical examine and treat horses that come through our sanctuary, provide farriers with farriers' grooming, vaccination, deworming and tooth treatment and then examine them for their horse or driver skills in order to find the right equivalence for their "eternal" home when they are given up for adoption. Fund-raising and adoption costs only cover part of our costs, but without them we could not salvage more horses.

Adoptions are nonnegotiable and non-refundable. It is our aim to find a home for every single animal, where it is beloved and well cared for for the remainder of its life, and to make sure that it is never again in hazardous, negligent or improper use. That'?s why we're tracking these horses for the remainder of their life.

They are adopted under a "Lifetime Freelease" requirement that allows you to have the stallion as your own forever....but provides a "safety net" for the stamp. Because we keep the horse's property, we have the statutory authority to bring the animal back to security if it ever neglects, starves, abuses, leaves or ends up in an open bid.

Rest assured that we do not want to take horses back from you once they have a beautiful, caring home....our aim is to find a home for horses so that we can save others...this is only for mitigating conditions in which the horses are in jeopardy or fall into the wrong hand.

A yearly aftercare is required, including primary health services (vaccinations with EWT, West Nile and rabies), tooth decontamination and/or swimming, farriers maintenance and veterinarian recommendations for combating parasites. Yearly we need up-to-date photos of the horses and have the right to come to your yard to see your adopted horses (we nevertheless wish you to stay in contact more often, as we will greatly appreciate our rescue in the brief period they stay with us).

We' re to be informed if the horse's whereabouts change. In the event that you choose that you no longer wish to or cannot keep the horses, we have the right to take the horses back or to authorise a new holder, which you may find yourself, and a new agreement must be concluded before the horses are delivered.

In the event of sickness or serious injuries, a veterinarian must be consulted and if the necessary care is not available for economic gain, the animal must be brought back to the sanctuary. and we forbid our horses from ever being used for farming. It is possible to bring your adopted stallion back to the sanctuary at any moment and without consultation.

Operational checks are carried out to make sure that you have a secure, harmless area with sufficient accommodation and free entrance to drinking waters (drinking waters that are not ponds or streams). No facilities with insufficient or insecure fences, complete with flat electrical wires (unless they are secondarily used as top rail protectors) or barbwire, will be approved.

Nonrefundable registration fees of $15 are needed to meet our needs and efforts; this will be deducted from an adoption charge for your selected stallion. If, at this stage, we do not have a suitable equine for your needs, we recommend a pre-approval with a detailed list of the horses you are looking for, as we often know of other horses in need with whom we can compare you, or we can find a suitable one once you are admitted.

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