Draft Horses for Sale in Alberta

Driving horses for sale in Alberta

Buy, Sale & Saving with Canada's No. 1 local classifieds. Receive a warning with the latest advertisements for "Draught Horse" in Alberta. A complicated sequence of horses that graze on the farm. 137 - HORSE/Lt DRAFT LEATHER HARNESS, complete with chest collar/ tracks, back strap (GIRTH 72 to 86") with stockholders, Britches with cruppers and brackets, bridles with teeth and canvas.

138- HORSE/Lt DRAFT BIO STUDDED HARNESS, completely with chest neck with dual layer tracks, organic back strap (70 to 90") with stockholders, britches with cruppers and brackets, bridles with bits..... Pain design foal for fillies This foal is deep blackened with a great color.

Making a great $2500 individual floating outlook or hill horses is willing to go Sept 15/18 for more..... This Draft Quarters Horses Back Mare Foal Dam is a breeded fourth foal This Mare Foal would make an outstanding black run with black horses outlook and $2000 whiteness. He will be willing to go Sept. 15/18 For more.... 2002 16.2hh crossing gelding. 6.2hh.

Large, sturdy, with a great character. It' s the same pommel when you' re rideing-- Brand new handmade crockery for sale. It' a dual belt for a crew. It has never been used or mounted on a saddle. Includes buckle, spreader ring, bridle and canvas. A 14-year-old 15.2hhhh approx. 1400lbs Just in another year old horse for the sheep seasons Good broken, rein, gives legs compression I love to mount him, but he is not for a beginner, he is not timid or timid, but.....

Matches every type of saddle I have had, from quarters and pull cross to small..... Does not match wider guys like drag's. He is a 16+hhh Bay Quartier x draft 13-14 year old King or "Bruce", as we lovingly call him, is the kind of steed we all bet on, no mater what they can.

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