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at Troika Drafts in Hebron, Maine. Browse our bookshop for the most comprehensive draught horses resource library. What is the best way to select a horses? to sell this team. Lots of article about the care of your horses, for example diet, breed, illness, and more.

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Punch Suffolk Draught Horse

Suffolk Punch draught horses date back more than two hundred years to the east of England. Initially and continually raised for work, their soft temperament and solid foundation make them an excellent choice for working on the farms and ranches. Suffolk Punch averages 16.1 hand and ranges from 1,400 to 2,100 at maturities.

This race, once abundant and widely spread, with the advent of heavier machinery and the loss of the family-suited holding, is becoming less and less widely distributed and more and more endangered. From 1990 his surviving was classified as "critical" by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, with about 65 annual registrations in the USA and far less in England.

Those shuffolks worked at the farm all year round. They were the keys to our low efficiency low energy deforestation strategy for autumn, selectively deforesting fuelwood, fence materials and ranching sites. For more than 14 years at the Suffolk Punch Yerian has chosen the fitness and variety of the line to emphasize the strength, endurance, greatness and conviviality of the Suffolk Punch.

When the programme was complete and Don was retiring in June 2012, 63 colts had been reared, educated and placed with appropriate attitudes and well-described buyers and a further 20, although not bred on the farm, had also been educated and deployed to work. Suffolk Horse Association estimated that there are 2150 Suffolk Punch in the worldwide today (2000 in North America, 150 in England).

Thank you for giving us the chance to contribute to the conservation of the Suffolk Punch and to encourage its use as an excellent draught horsesace.

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