Draft Saddle Pad

Design saddle pad

Choice of pulling horse saddles, bridles, bits and equipment or the big horse! Love my Western All-Purpose and Barrel/Stock saddle pads. Comes with matching bridle, chest collar and saddlecloth. Sattel; Leather saddle girth;

Laced bridle; Bit; Iron with pads; Ironing leather; Quilted cotton saddle pad.

Horseshoe stands - Hoofjack design

The Hoofjack® offers space for a small draught or draft wheeled breech (hooves up to a maximum of 6). Hoofjack® comprises a stand with two solenoids, a stand bracket and a flat mullion with a moulded plastic cover. Hoofjack® 40-minute free training movie including. Basic is made of 12 " high and 18 " wide rectilinear ethylene.

Basic materials are supplied with a three-year guarantee against broken horses. Put on a boot, trimming, rasping and nailing a new boot without placing the foot between the legs or supporting the horses with your torso. Helps the foot with everyday grooming, dressing and more. The Hoofjack® is the best way to keep your back free when working with horseshoes.

Hoofjack® Hoof Stands allow your horses to stay in an ergonomically accurate and convenient posture during work. Plus, a comfort is a more adaptable equine - making your work much simpler!

Chest collar for bareback pad

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Been in touch with them to see if I could order longer belts (because I have a draft horse) and they sent them to me within a weeks! I would order this item again. " ", "discoveryPanelSummary":"" " ", "htmlList":" ", "subnav":" ", "wishlist":" ", "cart":" "}}}; }); }); }); After looking at detailed pages of products, look here to find an easier way to return to the pages that interest you.

Deluxe Down Under Master Campdraft Deluxe Australia Saddle Deluxe

An equestrian must go into a fold (camp), slice a cows from a flock and drift them into a seperate fold, then move the animals in an eight. Compdraft saddles must have tight grip, be lightweight and offer freedom of motion. The saddle comes with 2.5" colour-coordinated leather, Übergeburt, high-quality Fleecegurt (GIRT 330), 4 bars measuring braces with buckskin feet padding (STIR 328 & 326).

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Just saddles: Our saddle equipment programme enables us to provide a 30 days saddle refund, even if you have rode a saddle. If a saddle appears to be worn due to use, however, your refund will be modified by at least 15% (more if the saddle is used heavily) so that we can sell it at a discounted rate.

Saturated and/or horsehair return tacks will be charged a $30 clean fee. When the saddle has been used or broken so that it cannot be sold again, it cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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