Draft show Halter

Design Show Holder

Show leather halter without accessories. Show halter without headband, larynx closure or leash. The noseband is made of butter soft, bright white leather. At last - White Show holsters that fit and can be cleaned! Design miniature horse show halter in white beta, comes with matching leash and chain.

Design Show Halter

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A Tahoe Tack Silver Heart Design Show Horse Halters

Handcrafted from full 1" broad hide, this fine halter is made of high quality genuine hide. Wonderful handmade borders and handgraved silvery heart and buckle make this halter a showstopper! It' s a nice halter AND it can't come anywhere near my 18H Parcheron. It would have been perfect for designs to come with a track guide, because a default track guide for my QH's is a bit small, but suitable for the upcoming show.

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