Draft show Harness for Sale

Design Show Harness for Sale

Are you looking for a warmblood horse for sale? Harnais d'attelage de chevaux de trait biothane show harnais en laiton Harnais de cheval de trait et mors à vendre. This well-made and beautiful show harness is for the draft horse person who still prefers a "leather" show harness. Leather black show harness with brass Hdw like new Zilco. Harness with different undercarriages and more whips.

Trapeze & Accessories

Don't be worried, there will be many new and used harnesses. Harness with different undercarriages and more lashes. Perfect Condition Draft Show Harness with 27" neck, three drops of brocade, a lot of chromium. bangs, horses and trains. and plastic. Horsecollars - Leatherwork.

Horsecollars - variable.

Everything with bicycles

Complete description: 2013 MKERICK2 HEAVY SLAANT. Suitable for Halblinger sizes, or a individual design. The car has brake, light telescopic aluminium bars, new roofed seat and dashboard. Waves are supplied. DeBbie' sells her Meadowbrook wagon. It' been locked up in my car park and it' s in perfect working order.

93 Trails West GN 2 Horses sloping with LQ. Ancient Cortland Side Bar Runabout with fitting Danny Smucker show harness Fin Deluxeustom. There are two set of waves, one approx. 90" and one approx. 97". Picture shows 15,3TB filly in harness. The Harness is a delicate trapezoid design, which is spiced up for riding in a stage.

Everyone was made to measure and only the wealthy and celebrities around the globe could pay for the luxuries. 30 " width of seats, 66 " length of shanks from the end to the individual boom. Low weigth, lightweight rolling, snap-on waves. WIFORM exhibition wagon for horses from 15 to 17 years. Show dishes to match. Trolley with tie rods for practice, 3 bit thick leathers, show trolley covers, show harness showbags and 2 aluminium handles for load a trolley onto the trail.

Equipped for a couple, but can also be modified for a solo stallion.

Purchase Hitch Wagons for Draft Horse Shows

Equestrian carts are constructed according to the high standard of workmanship, long life and styling that prevail in the initial designs, while the designs are adapted to the needs of our customers. Beginning with thorough research and documenting, we use genuine material and designs and then incorporate surfaces that determine the work of the manufacturer.

Invite our stock of horse-drawn carriages for sale.

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