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The stone boat is pulled over the willow by Pearl to distribute it so that my man doesn't have to hold it up by hands! Last year we didn't do the Crossville, TN Christmas Parade, but we will be there next Christmas with Christmas Clocks. I also want to do the Dayton, Tn parade as it is ALL pulled in (no motorised inputs at all!).

Quite a cool parade! Pearl is what my cousin Linda called the Miss Americas of Draught Horse. As long as it goes to the edge of the enclosure for an applet, Pearl doesn't give a damn what she called her!

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Last checked: 12 min ago! At last I get this e-book, thanks for all those equestrian drawings I can get now! They don't know how I have all the high value ebooks they don't have! Simply choose your click and then the click down link and fill out a quote to begin your e-book down load.

When there is a poll, it only lasts 5 mins, try a poll that works for you.

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