Draught Horses for Sale

Draft horses for sale

Breeding Bridon Irish Draught Horses and Sport Horses Sale Dressage Horses Show Jumping Eventing Horses Show Jumpers He has exerted enormous influence at the top level of most of the world's events. Often first place in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Eventing Ranking, the Ireland Sport Horses Studbook. David O'Connor's custom made Olympian Golden Medall mount, Mill Pearl, Joe Fargis' internationally renowned showjumping rider and medalist, and Special Envoy, Nelson Pessoas long-time success in show jumping, are all internationally renowned show jumpers and come from registered IRLD.

Indexed Irish Draught Horse is the basic race for such equestrians. Purebred and partial breeds are known for their superiority, brains, solidity and endurance. Regarding a race that has less than 3000 horses recorded, the Irish Draught seems to have had a great influence on horse performances around the world.

The Oak Hill Farm, in the centre of Virginia, is home to Bridon Irish Draughts, LLC, an incumbent and highly popular breeder focused on the Registered Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport herds. Owner Brianne Sells and Brandy Greenwell are life-long horsemen who are regarded as some of the most informed about the Irish Draught in America.

Her track-record in producing the best horses in Ireland says it all. They have won many IDHS (NA) National Championships in Breed and Power Catagories since 1998. The Bridon horses are all licensed and licensed by the Bridon Horse Society of North America and/or Horse Sport Ireland.

Irish-language draught horses for sale

Because of his temper and power, the thoroughbred Irish Draught is very much liked by versatility, show, hunters and policemen. Irish Draught Horses are young, short-legged, sturdy horses with good boning and good qualities. It has a charming car with a big, friendly eyes, sturdy legs with particularly small gunnecks.

In spite of the strength, the stallion should be free to move and not cumbersome. Originally the Irish Draught was raised as an all-round workhorse, suited for pulling, under the seat and under the seat. In the course of the years, the popularity of the Irish Draught has evolved from design and trapeze work to the all-rounder it is today.

Irish Draught stallions are increasingly used to get more bones and substances into the offspring of the easier one. It is called the Irish Sport Horse. While the race has existed for more than a hundred years, it has almost been abandoned on several occasion.

It is ironic that it is the Irish Draught's appeal as a basic horse for the breeding of sports horses that has endangered the race, as not enough Irish Draught fillies produce a pure-bred substitute for the flock. Even the aggressiveness of the jumping qualities has further worsened the basic population, as these basic qualities of matter, bones, temperament and power are replaced by velocity, flexibility and power.

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