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Horse of your dreams for sale

Hello, my name is Dawn and I have owned Andalusian horses for many years. Have several Andalusian horses for sale and can help you find your dream horse. The AQHA Gelding Kroll Performance Horse for sale. Sale of dressage horses, dressage training, dressage lessons, bed and breakfast. I' ve got your DREAM horse.

A dream horse * For sale in Telford

Having completed training in SJ, training in training courses SJ, Extreme is sincere and sincere, always trying to please her best. The most marvellous temper, she loved humans and would stay all morning to get upset. She is a true eye-catcher and is now prepared for someone who addresses her and has a lot of pleasure with her.

We are looking for a 10* home for this particular little horse with a great potential, who will be your best friends and will always put a big face-smiling.

It' astonishing what a few hrs of resting will do for the human after ~1200 mile of travel.

It' astonishing what a few hrs of resting will do for the human after ~1200 mile of travel. Father Christmas was very occupied this year and has been spending many in the street. This was an astonishing trip and an excellent achievement when I came to the end of the trail. Thank you and your lovely families for your warm welcome during my stay!

Oh, what an astonishing plant you have with an infinite line of high-end stallions! I knew I was in the right place from the moment I entered your premises and was welcomed by your people. With a little more than 8 hour drive I was prepared for a good boost J!

We' ve been able to devote a lot of our free moment to getting to know each other's families and I have to say that I was struck by the honesty with which I got to know my needs on a horse for my seven-year-old twins. A lot of work has been done to share certain characteristics and skills that I value and await in a horse when it carries my most valuable freight (Waverly and Sarah) a..... the dames of the Twins W Ranch!

I have been the first choice in all the discussions I have with you. When we met, we went through the barn and chose the 6 best suited to us. Kudos to the true horse whisperer, Isabella! I' m so grateful for your help and your support during the whole sojourn.

Most of my stay was in the indoor stadium to talk to her about the different species and to share her view of each one. During our stay we had a lot of private discussions about their experience with the stallions and their views on the different quality they have. It was astonishing and a sheer joy to work with.... God only knows what she thought when I asked her to work the horse continually through various activities/rigors.

She definitely has a knack for riding and is truly gifted to be around the pets she likes and a real boon to this establishment and the shop for everything she does to take good charge of the ponies and train the customers! I' ve added some pictures above to get to know the whole team.

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