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Regardless of your riding discipline, whether you are competing, taking a lesson or hacking, Dover has the best high boots to choose from. Stylish dressage boot with high dressage bow. Primus Pro Lux dressage boots. Training boots with decorative laces on the front.

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Regardless of your horse racing disciplines, competition, lessons or chopping, Dover has the best high boots to choose from. We have a wide range of zipper style boots and boots so you can choose your style. With top names like Ariat®, Devon-Aire®, Ovation®, Cavallo?, Mountain Horse and more, you can do your best and be the most efficient.

When you are not sure how to take high boots, we have put together a manual for measuring high boots for you.

Dressurstiefel für Damen - Ladies Dressage Boots

The dressage boots for dressage are high boots that end just below the knees. Clotheshoe hight prevents the stapes from jamming the inside of the rider's calves. Clothes boots have no cording on the ankles, they sometimes have a more stiffleg shank. Dressage boots are a favourite form of high boots for dressage or show jumping enthusiasts.

Clothes boots are traditional but can also be amber. Handcrafted boots are a favourite with a so-called "Spanish top" higher on the outside of the knees. Women's dressage boots are available in all dimensions.

You will find top labels of ladies' boots like Tuffrider, Ariat or Dublin. Find out about our complete line of women's equestrian boots and an abundant selection of women's equestrian clothing at a price that suits your needs and your price.


They are special König dressage boots without numbers on the inside. Tailor-made for a lean veal and approx. 8.5 small feet. Outer side Wade 21", back 20", inner side Wade 19", ca..... All new Petrie dressage boots will be available soon. Sizes - Ladies US 6.5 / UK 4, 15.75" calves and 18 3/4" high.

Whole cowhide and dual sole. VERY good used state. Heigth from the bottom to the back of the boots is 18,5, width 16. Includes Roustabout cushioned booted pocket in checkered fabric. King's Lady Dressage Boots. Regular abrasion on the inside of the calves and on the back reinforcement by friction on the nut - see images for the state.

Used Petrie dressage boots made of good quality dressage boots. Ladiesize 6,5 ladies. The boots are softly carried, a few blank patches on a pair of boots that are easy to polish..... They are in EUC, one Slip-In (NO ZIPPER), after use. I' ve got a Dublin back zipper, 9 English Field boots for sell, please review the.....

Brandnew, never wore sweater on Koenig Grandgester boots. These are UK sizes 5 1/2, 35 cm wide calves, 49 cm high - dimensions see Koenig table of sizes. I' m wearing an eight sized boot and it goes with my feet. 7 1/2 King Large black leather boots Hardly used.

Very good state! King Europe's finest equestrian boots Made in Germany Model: Olympic style calfskin. Extreme rigid dressage horses..... Pantyhose size 8 1/2. There' s no'P' icon on the boots anymore, as it was taken off when they were trimmed, and the bootstrap strap is slightly high on the inside of the boots.

Nice brandnew Petrie dressage boots in 7 1/2 boxes!

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