Dressage Riding


You can develop your riding sense in one of our dressage programs. Is dressage really about? The dressage is suitable for every horseman, every equestrian and every sport. A dressage mare is developed through physical and mental exercises in order to fulfil every assignment in the best possible way. While not every equestrian and every equestrian becomes a top Grand Prix pairing, the improvement and comprehension of the basics of dressage creates a self-confident, smooth, fortunate and smooth canter.

Through proper, systemic and equitable education we design a stable in such a way that we have a co-operative team. The first thing that comes to mind when I hearken to the term "dressage" is blending in with it. Harmoniousness is reached by a smooth and smooth fit, so that the horseman becomes the lengthening of the equine.

Horsemen's tools are so silent that they make the communications between man and animal become private. If we observe a harmonious composition, we see a steed moving forward smoothly and smoothly intotact. Our primary objective as horsemen is to build a relationship with our horses.

You have to know your stallion well, assembled and unassembled. Dressage is about the fundamentals, even in the higher classes. A training pyramid is the guide and check list for every ride: rhythms and regularities, relax, contact or combination, drive, straightforwardness and collecting. In dressage it is not a matter of constantly making unusual moves, but of evolving the physical and gait characteristics of our horses.

Proper exercise also prevents injury and increases the durability of your work. To keep our ponies healthy and healthy, we have to do some cross-training like riding, cantering, show jumpering, long distance riding, etc. Dress is a detail-oriented discipline that requires a lot of concentration, but I think we must also keep it entertaining and entertaining for our youngsters.

Training is a trip and I like every move. In summary, I think that dressage is judged by the qualitiy of riding, not by the standard at which you compete. In Granada she qualifies to present Argentina at the World Equestrian Games 2014 of Alltech FEI in France.

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