Dressage Riding Hats

Riding Hats for Dressage

A KTM helmet team rider and international dressage rider, Kim Gentry, demonstrates how to use his helmet correctly. uvex riding helmets are made exclusively of high-quality materials that meet the highest safety requirements. Helmet Only-No Top Hats For All USA National Dressage Event from Ap

A helmet is the only standard for ALL United States Equestrian Federation Grand Prix and small touring event for seniors from April 1 this year, although CDIs can still be worn by CDIs. This is the second time that the USA has made a big equestrian sports country to demand protective hats at all dressage level.

It ends the conflicting and contradicting usage for senior citizens who need a hard hat when it is installed on the tournament site, except when warm-up and in the tournament area. A number of other countries have been experimenting with helmets before there was a stylish but secure hat, but having changed it to eliminate Grand Prix drivers due to driver ailments.

New USEF helmet regulations also apply to drivers wearing army or policing outfits. After the 2010 injury of the US Olympic athletes Courtney King-Dye and G√ľnter Seidel, the United States was leading the initiative to introduce dressage protective gear, which was already needed for show jumps. On 1 January this year, the FEI adopted the US regulation that requires protective Helmets for all dressage competitions except for people with CDI.

More and more drivers from all over the world, however, have changed to protective hats.

Security first Do you need to upgrades for your riding gear? Take a look at our guidebook.......

There are 3 security standards: VGI European (as above), PAS015 UK and ASTM American. Kite marks - Brittish - are a supplement to the security level. The SEI marking - American - integrated into the ASTM specification. The CE marking - European - is not a sign of excellence, but a statement of adherence to the security norm.

Recent UK dressage judgement states that all the above mentioned security requirements are permissible under competitive law, although they strongly advise a kite cap. BD certifies that all hats in this item are BD-legally. The riding hat is engineered to help keep your mind safe and minimize the risk of injuries. It is important to change your headgear after a heavy shock - indispensable if the driver becomes unconscious or has a bad throat.

If your hardhat gets a knock, the inner styrene can be squeezed and thus lose its shock-absorbing properties. So, if you have an accident later on, your hardhat may not provide sufficient cover. It is recommended that you change your headgear every 5 years - this is the life expectancy of a new one.

The KASK Group is an independent company specialising in the development, design and manufacture of high performance protective hats. Shells in four different size, from 50cm - 63cm size. This brandnew Merinowool lining offers highest comforts. The UVEX Group is a leading manufacturer of UVEX products. UVEX is a trademark of Germany which is proud to meet the highest security requirements through strict product checks and the use of the best available standards.

This is the most versatile of all helmets - not only does the easy-to-use face fit your height, but you can also set how high/low the crown is on your skull. The SAMSHIELD is the idea of a Parisian design guy who wanted to add a nice, female note to his production, influenced by the top-of-the-range motorbike crash helmet-technique.

Choice of 3 tray dimensions for 52cm - 61cm heads. UK based production in Wales that meets three security requirements. The result was an astonishing concept in the field of helmets. Tray of 4 different dimensions, suitable for 50m - 63cm heads. Superior venting through fan-like vent slots on the top of the face.

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