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Saddle Pad Dressage

Lattia Dressage Collection Sheepskin Saddle Pad - DEAL! Sheepskin lined PRI dressage saddle pad. SmartPak shop for a large selection of dressage pads. Saddle pads for all your dressage needs. Buy our large selection of saddle pads and stand out from the crowd!

Saddle pads for dressage

Pay attention to cushions with convenience characteristics such as cushions with gels, cushions with moisture-transporting lining, contours on the top lines, concealed therapeutical washers or shock-absorbing cushion. Here you are sure to find the right dressage saddle pad for training and competitions that match your dressage saddle, caress your appearance and improve your horse's performances.

Training and dressage pad

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avvy Shopper Guide for dressage saddle pads

Saddle documents for training or demonstration. Saddle pad for dressage in different colours. Conceived to sit on the long tab of a dressage saddle. The dressage saddlecloth is usually used in competitions. These are available in different colours and with contrast pipings for training. Also, these pods are characterized by a high withers freedom.

Our dressage saddle cloths come from well-known manufacturers such as Centaur, TuffRider or Centaur. They are available in competitive whites or other colours with contrast pipings for training. The saddle cushions are conceived in such a way that they can be fitted into the long tab of a dressage saddle and have a high degree of freedom from the withers.

Each English dressage saddle pad we have on sale comes with our 100% satisfied warranty. Select from a wide range of favorite labels such as Equestrian HORZEE, TuffRider, Lettia Baker, Shires and Centaur. This saddle pad for dressage is available in the classic colours pure gold, silver, black, violet and more.

When you have grown up with a hunting lodge and then changed to dressage, you will appreciate our blend of 5/A Baker plaids and luxurious semi-padded sheepskins. The saddle padding we also provide for dressage has a formed washer, a coiled withers, a firm back and three washer bags.

There is a deluxe dressage pad that is placed over the pant and under the saddle print points in clothing grade finish. We also have a range of ergonomically designed mats. We' ve padded dressage shoes with SupaFleece, a wool lining that provides protection against scratching and wounds by enhancing the air flow and absorbing shocks.

This pad consists of an 80% and 20% terry cloth and a 100% terry film. The dressage saddle cushions for sales contain quilts and upholstery at the withers, which give your horses additional comfort. There is also a 22 " 24- " Drop x 24 " Spin Quick- Dry Liner with a 6 1/2 " slit, a removable cottonshell and an Amara-filled withers.

When you are looking for a pad that is suitable for both training and dressage, we provide saddle padding for dressage made of high-quality wool and suedeleather inlays. Dressage saddle cloths can usually be laundered and tumbled. In case the pad is particularly soiled, you can pre-rinse it with an electric tube.

Keep your show pods separately from other items to keep them whiten. When your dressage mats have a smell, you can use a little bit of extra pure wine to mix into your launder.

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