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Training tack

In the SmartPak Dressage Shop you will find a large selection of dressage accessories, equipment and clothing. Jospehoseph Sterling Conversion Dressage Bridle with patented pearl. The choice can sometimes be overwhelming when buying dressage equipment.

Dressur Tack & Clothing

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Dressur Tack - Sommer Collections

You like the look of a leathers uit, but need the handle of a elastic reins? See here our Soft Beaded Reins. You like the look of a leathers uit, but need the handle of a elastic reins? See here our Soft Beaded Reins. It is a high-performance instrument for both therapeutic and throat forming.

LASERwrap? neckwrap provides efficient alleviation of rigid or fatigued nape of the head and tenseness of the back. Outstandingly suitable as a warm-up aid for smooth comb and nape-muscle.

First-class care for dressage tacks

Well-groomed saddles can last half a centur y or longer, but leathers that have begun to decompose pose a serious precaution. Understanding how to assess and prolong the lifespan of your equipment and what you can do with your old equipment once you've upgraded can take a long way to protecting what is a big capital expenditure for many of us.

If you have just spent a large part of the funds for a new seat or want to keep the one you have in first-class shape, the maintenance of your turn will in the long run safe you cash. However, ask five and a half for the best way to cleanse and conditioning, and you will probably get five different responses.

Others are faithful to certain makes of genuine standby products such as Saddlesoap, while others believe in certain makes of genuine EU balm. What does it need, then? Saddlery says that the keys to good quality leathers are to keep them neat and smeared. W Farms, a bustling shop and exercise center in Chino Hills, California, always has a pail of freshwater in the care area so that the brushes can be cleaned as soon as they are taken off the horses.

" Effax Balm is used twice a months for moreonditioning. They take the brushes apart once a months and lubricate them with Hydrophane dressing, then let them rest for a whole days so that they are really absorbed. Virginia leather & tack's Tony Webster recommends that drivers check their turning points at least once a months, taking special care where the leathers show any sign of fragility, abrasion or abrasion, and ensuring that all seams are still on.

Tighten tightly and turn belts and stirrups to see how they are holding; if the cowhide shows sign of breakage, you are past due for a service or possibly re-installation. In case of any doubts, always take your seat to a serious rider or give it back to the producer for repaiur.

In addition, the W-Team works in close cooperation with the saddler Sebastian Dresch. "Wilson added: "The installer screws the nut back in or adapts it so that it sits perfectly. High-grade leathers is a serious commitment. Consistent care extends the service lifetime of your gear and keeps you and your equine stable secure and cozy.

Suppose you have purchased a new seat but do not want the old seat to take up precious room in your tack room (or loft or cupboard). Optionally, tack swapping, paddocking sale and sale of a semi-trailer on commission at your own tack or fodder warehouse can be used for use.

Sites such as dressagestar.com, pelham-saddlery.com and trumbullmtn.com are another way. The Tack can also be given to equestrian and vet colleges, while equestrian lifeguard groups, therapy centres and 4-H teams often carry out tack-drawings.

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