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You will find horses for sale that are descendants of the Quarter Horse stallion Driftwood. The Driftwood horses for sale at the ranch. Sootwoods We began our focus on Driftwood brood with the broodmares Stanley and Randy Johnston. They were a mixture of Driftwood, Poco Speedy, Orphan Drifty, Sak Em San (son of Peppy San), Doc's Jack Frost (sire of Sun Frost) and Captain Crusade. Driftwood, born in Texas in 1932, was a great actor, a top- rodeo and perhaps more important, had the capacity to produce offspring that were also great actors, and they in turn had the inherent power to transmit these qualities.

Floating wood pedigree is still very much in demand with today's competitive horses. Mr. Driftwood passed away in 1960, and his most famous and perhaps best of sons, Driftwood Ike, was borne in 1950. It was the product of the now "proven" Driftwood Christmas tree Joe Hancock Kreuz, whose mother was a granddaughter of Joe Hancock.

Ike Driftwood was a very succesful ropesailer and a much sought-after father of ropeshorses. Ike' s most famous offspring was probably Orphan Drift, his mother goes back to the old lines of Joe Reed II and Clabber. It was the tried and tested crossing of cowhorses' pedigree on walking pedigree and is still used today.

Another succesful roweo rodeo-event pony, Orphan Drift has been used at several shows. Orkansas Drift turned out to be quite prepotent and produced many horses of great skill. Again we have the cow pony in our veins, and MR Junewood wears it on both sides of his family tree.

The Driftwood Sensation is a line stud that brings different strains of Joe Hancock and Driftwood into our breedings. Joe Hancock and War Chief as well as the Driftwood Easy Keeper and Driftwood subsidiary Brown Beulah are added to our bloodline. Fritz Wood is a descendant of Junewood, who has a successfull show carreer on the open AQHA track.

Since July 2013 he has earned over 400 points in four competitions, all as a jumping rider. He' s Driftwood Ike on top plus the Driftwood daugther Judy Sue, and Partee Doc, King Fritz, Captain Crusade, Leo and the Driftwood daugher, Oakwood on the bottom. That gives Fritz the powerful mixture of several top cow blood lines, and he has also blended the blood lines of Par Three, Captain Crusade and Leo.

One has to consider that the Joe Hancock and Driftwood horses were both Matchrace horses. Cowhorses' Thoroughbred plus Speeds, a tried and tested combo.

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