Driving Draft Horses for Sale

Travelling draught horses for sale

For once in your life you have the opportunity to have a good team of broodmares that are safe for everyone. Avelengo team for sale Ride and Drive beginners safely!! Real good riders will appreciate our light driving horses, which we occasionally offer for sale. We' ve got some amazing driving horses to sell or we can take orders to find the right horse for you.

Driving Horses for sale

A full sibling of the team. This is 1-handed, coloured bachelor bangs in b/w. I' ve got a really cute 55 " 8 year old panda that I offer you to look at. A 5 year old APHA filly, entered APHA, 15 hours old This is a beautiful, pretty filly with great..... For your thought, 17+ handed, Grey Percheron degree Gelding,.

It was a coach pony..... is a 6-year-old Haflinger filly. Unadulterated Pure Kind Percheron Gorgeous Mountain of a Mar ! That'?s a Main Hoorse!

The Oklahoma Draft and Driving Horse Sale Public Group

Saragon - is a 13 year old black and whitish stained draft/ Quarter Horses crossing gelding with 15,0 hands....Saragon is a former showhorses and was also used in car chase with a young grown-up and for mountaineering tours in Virginia. Zaragon likes the company and being with others.

He has a easy and relaxing gait in the ring, trotting, galloping with both lines, he pulls up, rests and straight. He is very willing and even-tempered. He shows all horses how to do it on the trail. Without hesitating, Saragon crosses everything that is pointed out to him, as well as cliffs, mounds, rivers, trunks, trenches and more.

Zaragon will drive English/Western/ andareback. He' s secure, secure, secure, secure. Everyone can horse this horse. Zaragon was abandoned to bitches, cows, miniature animals, kids, hens, all agricultural machines and more. At the moment Saragon is barefooted without any problem. As a veterinarian and blacksmith, he is like a champion in cross-connections, lines, weights and support.

It is attached and assembled. saragon' s healthy without vice. Saragon is unbelievable on the floor and has excellent flooring. A beautiful horse that will be a great companion for your line.

Draught and driving horses - Bundoran Belgians

We' re aware of the needs of professionals and our equestrian crews worked with Bruce Weber when he took the Versus line for Gianni Versace. Bundoran's Belgium riding crews work with our driving pupils comfortably at home in our driving school and were presented at the Virginia Currents Public Television Show.

Real good riders will appreciate our lightweight driving horses, which we sometimes sell. There is a small flock and a suitable team of four Belgium draught horses that lead a pleasant life on these lovely pasture. There is no doubt that these crews can make an impact on your clients. Calm, secure and welcoming, our horses as well as our team of professionals and our farming team like the locals and it shows.

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