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A complete range of harnesses for every size and every budget. The Amish harness for all sizes from mini's to drafts. SDR Harness:

coach harness

Hunt's Harness has been at the service of Driving World since 1977 and meets the requirements of the best driving companies where quality-conscious people have selected their products to set their course in a competitive or fun environment. You will also run a small store with selected craftsmen who strive to produce the best possible tableware.

We' re proud to be able to provide you with one of the best coach harness ranges handmade today by Hunt's Harness here in the USA. The Premier ", which is less formally designed for driving, and the specially designed "carriage harness" in single, pair, tandem, four-in-hand and street carriages.

Delicate crockery: There are two categories of tableware for the exhibition ring, "Top Show Harness" or "Production Fine". Cob and Hackney Long Tail harness. Harness Road Pony: There are two different prices for the Road Pony Harness. Harness Miniature Roadster Show. Harness Road Horse.

Working harness. Set of tools, watches and lamps, suitcase with waterproof covering for horses, chestnuts, Irish linens, laprobe and "optional" radiator and lid. If you have any questions, please call us at 209 966-4499 to talk about your individual requirements.

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The headband is made out of white patent toned leathers with silvery stud. As a rule, this variable matches the "A" mini. As a rule, this variable is suitable for both mini A and mini A. There are patent toned blinkers on them and the headband and nosebands as well as small ornamental rose heart flaps. As a rule, this variable matches the "B".....

Nearly new harness, twice used; made by Amish of Pennsylvania. Leader World Wide Inc***Full/Horse Presentation Horse Nylon Presentation Harness~Patent Brown! The world' leading presentation harness for full/horse sizes in lacquer brown! Nice handcrafted tableware. Flaked back nut with metallic beam, just like the big boys! British import leathers. A true jewel of a tableware.

This is our Leader s Worldwide Leather Show Harness for full/horsesizes. Second-hand 4 persons carved under surround with harness plus replacement tyres and inner tube for back tyres, which are all on sale as they are. NEW BIOTHANE CHEST COLLAR HARNESS! IF YOU HAVE BIOTHANE DISHES..... Smucker' s Show Harness. That' for the tournament set!

These luxurious lock type harnesses are fully equipped with a braid and back strap in pat.ather. Cut, shape, border and shape like a harness..... Tough-1 Show Scottish Driving Harness. Lovely quality black suede driving stained. A harness for a MINI Size Horses.

Harness Driving Saddle. Saddle size 80" longest & 70" shortest. Full double-sewn, durable nylon kit. These wonderful harness is made of extremely strong supersuede. Equestrian size. Equipped with varnished suede venetian blind and back strap, 5/8" speaker loops bridge, with golden polishing hardware and.....

This is a classy, inexpensive harness for 14 to 16-handers. Cob / Small Size let us know and we will do our best to help! Smuckers harness with brassy mountings, lacquer yoke and headstand. The rein is dark and darker. Fits 15'2" to 16'2" riders.

This 2 1/2" flexig bike has 3/4" sticks. Manufactured from high-quality harness skin with brassy trim. There are blinders made of pat. Let us know and we will do our best..... It'?s colour is blackened. Their harness is used on all 4 of our driving ponies.

These dishes are equipped with a complete pair of diamonds stains made of high-grade steal - they are remarkable. This harness is equipped with a..... AMISH Show or Pleasure leather harness for your donkey and your small horse! Minature horse, donkey or mule. Upholstered 2.5" width and with a smooth back.

That is Smucker's Super Deluxe harness. Deluxe Samson Deluxe Nylons Cob/Small Horses Driving Harness. They are made of strong ebony fabric. Let us know and we will do our best to help! Sameon Deluxe Horses size Nylons harness. They are made of strong ebony fabric. Let us know and we will do our best to help!

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