Driving Harness for Sale

harness for sale

Miniature black leather harness with red studded headband. Fundamental driving fun with lined, strapped-in chest collar and standard saddle. Harness Amber Hills Horse Inc. The Grand National Fine Harness & Parts.

Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

Their Reitsportgescheschäft for the drivers and the British riders

Ranging from the finest display harnesses made of patina to the latest innovation in maintenance-free EuroTech man-made harnesses. The harness size ranges from minis (=VSE) to draught horses. Most of our 4,200 items are always in store for next days shipment! Please have a look at and see our rates, because we want to show that top qualitiy and great rates go together!

You' re always welcome to come and see us, but take a look at our timetable, because we could be near you with our new 53" long Store on Wheels, which is fully stocked with our goods! While our renowned range of risers and harness parts are our key product, we have much more for the pilot and the British rider: bites, metal parts, pins, skirts, rugs, seat straps, floggers and much more!


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Harness Horse Pair for sale

Harness for couples with necklaces and ham. Beautiful smooth and smooth suede skins, lacquer on nut and bridle, metallic grey. "4 "4" nut, seat and coat 44", stick 9", straps 30". Back strap and tail strap in one part ("unbuckled"). Includes redbrown necklaces OR lacquer buckles. Designed to match rust red collar, it may be necessary to redesign clothes to match patented collar.

Tee 1 Deluxe Nylon Harness

The third case, the strap clasp tore through the belt and the belt was fully released during the ride. Might have been a bad injury, I'm just fortunate to have a healthy steed. When I bought a pair of harnesses for every single working days, I was told that they have a short lifespan and a tendency to stretch.

The harness is almost perfect, but I've already seen mistakes in the tracks (which stretch out while riding). The harness is not secure. I' d recommend everyone to get a high class harness. I' ve got this kit of bangs and it goes very well. There are no problems and it works exactly as I imagined. I have been using this harness for about a year.

It' been very strong and looks good. My harness did not match my bangs at all, and the harness was big for him, but was slightly reduced by additional openings. This is a good and long-lasting harness especially for your workout. The headpiece fits only on a small animal, the harness is sufficient for a large one.

Since I use the harness only for workout, I can use a different scale as a headpiece, or I would send it back. Performed as a big but for a single male dog very beautiful, long lasting and comfortable for the animal! While I don't know what happend to the other people who gave poor review, I've now bought 11 of these straps.

They are cheap but they work very well for a harness from floor work to connection and I had totally NO problem with them. Use my leathers for your occasion and that will save me from wearing out, which is fabulous in price! Like with any equipping horses, I have a little abrasion where I have been up the tractors hitch but that of nearly three years of continuous use, I can fix them gently to prolong them use and again and again recall checking your equipping tips out with continued use, so you can troubles heading away.

All I don't really value about the harness is the teeth, but it's easy to fix. I' ve purchased this nylon harness for my 14 handed bangs, which is more like a steed than a bangs, so I have purchased the pump. When I purchased for practice I didn't want to focus on a beautiful harness until I finished her car towing course.

I have been very satisfied with the results, because I usually do not use any kind of polyamide for my ponies. I had some serious problems with how it matched my mare. My bandage/birth was so incredible that it would not have been comfortable on my 16-handed animal.

Perhaps I got a saddle/bellyband for a draughthorseset. And the over-check was too small and pulled the bridles back so far that the blinders were pressed directly into the eye of my mare - and there was no way she could see much of everything.

Surely I could have punched a hole in the stockings, put the blinders all together and did some finishing to make everything work, but for the cost I shouldn't have to adjust much to make it work. I will continue my research for a harness that I can use for workouts.

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