Driving Horses for Sale

Horses for sale

You will find horses for sale that are suitable for pulling carts, carriages, sledges, ploughs and more. There are driving horses in many shapes and sizes. If you need a good driving horse to pull your car, sulky or roadster, the Driving Horses for Sale in our classifieds are the best in the nation! Very expressive horses for sale for carriage rides by breeders and individuals. Do you need a striking, sporty riding horse?

Horses for sale

Whereas horses carried people long before they started to draw, there have been good driving horses for sale for thousands of years, and you will find the best of them in our classifieds. By Pleasure Driving to Fine Harness; Sulkies to Roadsters; Draft Horses to Driving Driage and everything in between, our classifieds really offer the best Driving Horses for Sale in America!

Ages: Handmade, custom-made wooden frames for stables for horses and events.

pleasures driving horses for sale

Father is black/bright (in the picture). SARAH: Sire: Sierras Obvioustar (Sierras Sonnny ofSony Dee Bar) dam: -Diablo is a very special horse. WHF Taffino, 4 year old filly by Knabstrupper, Lammegarden's Liberty and Friesian star.... LĂ©onardo Ninja Pony *Ninja* Appaloosa X Morab/Spotted Draft Dobbiaco Wallach: At Lilly is a wonderful, sophisticated check mare foal with crystalline red skulls.

Do not look any further our horses and Ponys are very well educated and.....

Warmblood Driving Horses for sale

Freiese-bred STER 8 year old Gelding Sape381 x Leffert 306 16. 2nd hand competition 3rd level! TEDDY BEAR REAL Personality STER gelding with SOOOOOOO a lot of experiance!!!!! $39,900 We have been following this particular 8-year-old STER stallion for over a year because his gifted horse has coached and shown this outstanding STER stallion - and has used him at all types of shows and activities!

They had a great romance---- and experience with each other--- with victory points in class B (3rd class dressage)---what is the proof that they reach over 65% in class 3..... Wind High Point Training Levels at the USDF Show: Easily in the shed, Wreign tries to please, likes the work, large impressive finite element gaiters, perfect for gifted amateurs or professionals who are prepared for a new youngster.

We would like to introduce: "PARTY TYME" This pretty young horse is a real eye-catcher! The Mon Cheval Training Center is proud to present this 16. Two-Handed Black Draft X horses as your next training mate. A Percheron/Dutch Harness Horseross, Party Tyme is 4 years old this autumn and was slightly launched and ridden under saddle last year.

He' s roadworthy and we even rode this astonishing youngster. He' s keen to fall and has trained for less than a months and he surprises us every day with his success. A very secure and self-confident saddle that is really enjoyable to work out. An all-round youngster who is just as gifted and able in show ring as he is in open terrain or when driving and jumper.

Large and elegant, but not too large, has a pleasantly slim framework and aisles. Self-confidence at exhibitions, shown on the first floor, enjoy training. The Golden Expresso AKA LATTE is a beautiful loveley walk. Marek Zia is a certified third class Frisian/Paint Cro. It has comprehensive exhibition experiences up to the 3.

It' ideal for someone who wants to study and work their way through the tests or for someone who wants to win a bronce award. She' s very secure and can well be a children's or grown ham. Her driving, show jumps and westerner experiences. Extreme unusual NASPR Premier bangs mare foal with 3 extraordinary basic paces.

She' s not lying, she' s marvellous and she has no problem to jump anything....trained until the first day. Mother for beginners bangs lesson. ..... He is an unusual, striking looking youngster, who will surely excel in the show ring. Though he is rode only by amateurs, he is not a novice because of his large aisles.

His gait is lively, he has a big step, a great, long jog and a beautiful gallop. He has been to hospitals, a few school exhibitions and participated in a USDF-evaluated exhibition in the materials category a few years ago. He' ll profit from more mileage - he hasn't participated in the last years because his hobby driver doesn't want to show.

He was a 12 year old rookie with him and assisted her in her young horse riding upbringing. Before he came to the USA he was in fourth class, but since his horseman had no previous riding experiences, he was trained as first and second in the last years.

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