Driving Ponies for Sale

Fahrponys for sale

Unusual Hunter Pullover-Pony for sale / for rent! Terrific kid pony for sale. The Darling Pony mare for sale. Do you need a flashy athletic driving pony? Would you like to introduce Driving's combined blue ribbons to Gladstone?

Driver Ponies for sale

That' Blaze, he's a 7-year-old 39-inch bangs. He' s very sweet, riding and driving. Unusual Hunter Pullover-Pony for sale / for rent! Porsche is an enchanting, beautiful, sporty 8-year-old 12-year-old for sale / for rent. Skyrides and Drivers. To rent or to sell in Novelty Ohio in the Hunter Vale @ Red Raider The Little....

15-year-old bangs for sale. Sweet driving perspective! Muscot is a 4 year old broodmare looking for her ideal home!

Driving ponies for sale

Unusual Hunter Pullover-Pony for sale / for rent! Porsche is an enchanting, beautiful, sporty 8-year-old 12-year-old for sale / for rent. Lacquered 1 Hands Wallachian pony in monochrome. Here is a really unusual bangs.... 15-year-old bangs for sale. She is a beautiful Golden Palomino (not registered) Rocky Mountain chestnut riding horse that has a powerful....

Jazzy is a conspicuous dark rock and sweet and has always done so when it comes to the.... Blu Valentine Wisp, 2 year old blu roan mare by Texas Blu Valentine, a foal by Leo Hancock....

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All ponies on this page are roadworthy. In order to help you with your research in my general sale lists, I have selected the ponies from my ranch that would stand out in combination driving contests. These ponies all have ease, mobility, great drive, smoothness, exceptionally good looks, inherent intellect and endurance.

Your brand name may refer to talent other than driving. Every bangs mentioned here would be an absolute exception in combination driving. Deluxe combination ride pad. c g masquerade - 1989 darkgolden paleomino and tobacco piano filly. Wonderfully tagged filly. From " Halloween " - APHA (father of the Canadian Equestrian Federation'A' Circuit Hunter Winners), from " Sugar blues " - APHA (full nurse to " Atahi " - AHSA Champion Sire).

She' s a very handsome big game slayer. "Masquerade " showed the "A" Circuit in Canada and was in the first places at every show! She' s going to be the winner of every "A" course in the USA or Canada. 1988 APHA espalomino and bay tobiano/overoos.

She is a very elegant horse. 1996 "Mystique" gave birth to a wonderful fox foal with lettering in red by "Phantom Heart". In 2000 she gave birth to a brown and whitish Toverostut foal by a monochrome sire! 2001 she bred a suede foal named Fantasy (a Devonian type)!

Whether you are looking for a great value for money broodmare to start your broodmare programme, or for a beautiful pet to complete and bring into the ring, K G Mystique is an exceptional one. From " Halloween " (APHA), from " Sugar blues " (APHA - full nurse to AHSA champion Sire Atahi).

The Cream hearts and hearts skip would make a striking driving group! Cremeherz - APHA pearlino übero Gelding. From Atahi ( "APHA"), out of Skips Dixie ("Sir Raleigh" APHA neckline filly (AQHA father from 1981 Atha World Show Copenhagen/Skoal Superhorse, "Skip's Sierra Nick"). herzkopf - apha creamy and tobacco pearl pearls.

It should be a flashy little cleaner or a eccentric big player. "heart-skip " will make someone a very beautiful tournament horses! From " Atahi " (APHA), from " Skips Dixie " (APHA - several times Halfter Sieger and own Daughter of Sir Raleigh AQHA). harts delight - 1991 apha sweet mares and mares silver tobacco.

Beautiful " A " course with great view of ponies hunters. Or... if you are looking for a special fringe for the tests for young horses, you have come to the right place! There is a filly with proper, neat knees and toes. She is a beautiful drawn filly and really a "Hearts Delight". From Ebony heart (APHA), from Win my heart (APHA).

hartstealin ol - 1993 japanese horse mares x mares x chestnuts and whites tobiano/overo-mares. It is an active little woman who will make an eye-catching middle sized bob fighter or excels as a child's occidental amusement game. From Ebony heart (APHA), from steel my heart (APHA). RAUNTED HART - Very unusual type O.P.A. red dune and grey tobacco piano sire.

When you want to gain the medium hunter pony in hand category, Haunted Heart is your girls. Well, I don't know where a magistrate could blame this beautiful filly! "The " Haunted Heart " is standing with 13-1 7/8 hand and is such a beautiful Bewegerin that she will stand out in every "A"-circuit of the medium Pony Hunter or Children's Hunter Pony Division.

That little filly's got everything! Her 3/4 sibling " K G Masquerade " was always at the top on the " A " Large Pony Hunter track in Canada, and " Haunted hearts " is just as gifted. and you' ll bring her home safe! With Halloween (APHA) fromatch my Heart (APHA - "Atahi" daughter).

This is a five digit bangs that will make you a real celebrity! heart southern - sold -1993 massive gelding with sealing field. " Southern Heart " is a lovely movers, a naturally leading Changer and is breeded to be a winning in every "A" switching outfit! Ohio, on her acquisition of Southern Heart!

bazon hart - 1993 massive darkbrown gelding. bazon hart. He' gonna be a great big bangshacker! For your Quarter Ponies enthusiast, you've just found your all-round perspective, as Blaze will be shining in even the West's event. From Ebony Hart, from J Bar's Patchedwork, one of my best broodmares.

Gesegnetnetes Herz - 1994 massive Horse Wallace. It has the appearance, the tendency and the athletes capacity to be very successfull in bangs dressage...or...or...... He also has the physique and talents to attend the West Pleasure Ponies Class. Make "Blessed Heart" your child's next best mate!

From Ebony Hart, from J Bar'satchwork. harts desire - 1996 apha sorrel and grey tobacco-mother. "The description of "Cute" does not do the job for this extraordinary filly, but it is the first thing you notice about her. Coming from an extreme well drawn 13-handed Quarter Horse filly, she is the only straight "Atahi" progeny left under 13-2 for the middle class middle class baitfighters!

When you are looking for a filly that can take your baby with you to go to the "A" shows, you should seriously consider this eye-catching one. From " Atahi " (APHA - American Champion Sire), from " Little Bits Glo " (AQHA). APHA Light Horse Chestnut Wood and Snow White Horsewoman. "The Desert Heart" is an extraordinary filly!

A 1/4 thoroughbred, she has a beautiful thoroughbred on both sides (her mother is a full sibling of our 1991 stud "Close To Heart", and her father is a full bay of AHSA Champion Hunter, "Bedazzle"). She will be an extremely stylish filly and will be one of the leading horses exhibited in the United States!

Desert Heart" will be leaving the competitors "high and dry" if your aim is to show with the best of the state! From Ebony heart (APHA), from steel my heart (APHA). Thievin Heart - 1997 APHA Darkgold Suede and Snowflake Fillies. She is a beautiful mare (65% suede/35% white), with both red and green in male and female tails.

She' s a full nurse to Desert Hart. "Well, Thievin Heart" should be an excellent cut or broodmare. Your hair is satiny and mostly knows. Unusually for a mare.) She would also make a really extravagant sports bangs, as she will remain under the age of 14. From " Ebony heart " (black APHA), from " Steel my heart " (suede / knows APHA).

HERZ THIEF 1998 herz stallion APHA black golden buckskind and grey tobacco fillies. She is a full sibling of " Thievin Heart" (1997 APHA Silver Foal -- see above). She' ll be excellent at cleaning or trimming or a great unusual big baboon slayer. She' s also a great addition to "Thievin Heart" for you as a teammate.$7,500.

stelin harts - 2000 agha darkbay and grey Tobiano filly. He' gonna be a great bounty kicker, sports bounty and training bounty. Its wonderfully placed tobacco markers are just the dot on the i! He' s a must have, this freak! From Ebony heart (APHA full brothers full brothers to Ebony stallions full brothers to Ebony Heart).

From " Steel My Hart " (APHA suede / whites homozygote tobacco mare). It'?s a real theft for $20,000. FORMULA HEARTS - 2000 APHA full mares foal, 1/4 TB. He' s also got a nice whitey blink. It will be an excellent hunting toy, sports toy or horse for training! He' s unusual enough to show on the line and has a beautiful footprint.

From " Ebony heart " (own sons of AHSA champion Atahi) and from " Touch my hearing " (mother of the successfull APHA sire K G Braveheart). Would you like to set up your next driving champion? c g mirage - 1994 apha horse mares bay and silver tobacco sire. A very unusual Pinto colored Sportpony! From " Halloween " (APHA Sauerampfer and weißer Overohengst), from " Sugar blues " (APHA Pallomino and Weißer Fabiano Stute - " Atahi's " full sister).

It should put a wonderfully fluid step and nice pink marks on your eccentric barnstormers, quarter ponies and sport horse broodmares! Its fullister " K G Masquerade ", was on the Canadian, " A " large Phoenix fighter distance always at the point. It has an even more brightly coloured fortune than Champion Sport Ponies and "A" circuit hopers.

Mirage's wonderful Pinto tobiano markers are just the dot on the i! 1996 apha dear bay and silver tobacco sire. With " Close-To Heart" (APHA), from "Skips Dixie" (APHA) - (Click for pedigree). It is 65% darkbrown and 35% whitish, and its colour is wonderfully placed. He' s got deep eye with a perfect fire center.

You' ve already learnt a little about his father "Close to Heart" and his outstandingly functioning pedigree, but his mother "Skips Dixie" (multiple keeper victor and great mare) is a separate offspring of the deceased great Quarter Horse father "Sir Raleigh"! "AQHA World Champions (in both Halter and Performance), AQHA Champions, Superior Halter Horse and Superior Performance Horse (in Wild Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Hunter, Pleasure Driving, Hunter Hack, Wild Trail and Wild Riding).

Do you need to give your driving broodmare more altitude? APHA Air II - 1999 APHA Airplane black and whit tobacco sire. "The Atahi II " is big, dark and pretty! It' 70% blackened and 30% whitened. "The Atahi II " is the most weighed out, high-quality B&W sire ( tobacco or oboe ) of his old man I have ever seen.

Ebony Heart" (APHA Negro Colt - excellent own offspring of "Atahi", AHSA Champion Sire), out of "Win My Heart" (APHA Darkbrown and Whitish, homozygous, tobian dam - one of the best sires of " Atahi"). C G RAVENHEART c g ravenheart - 1995 phajet black and whit Tobiano sire. From " Ebony Heart " (APHA Vollbruder des Americans Horse Show Association Hunter Champion, " Bedazzle "), und von " Steal My Heart" (APHA Homozygote Tobiano " Atahi " Tochter).

It has a beautiful bowl with stars, stripes and scissors, large deep "Atahi" eye and a very fine throat. "Raven Heart" is clever, sporty and stylish! There'?s more ponies and a lot more for sale. At the top right of your computer monitor, click to select the saddle or breech that best fits your equestrian or driving style.

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