Dumor Horse Feed

The Dumor horse feed

Only to remind you that Purina had a callback on this feed. The Dumor is a new one for me. Acres, it's from Purina, but a cheaper formulation.

Horse DuMor

The DuMOR Equine Feed is designed for a particular race of horse owners - for those who know their pets earn more. Designed specifically to meet the needs and phase of your horse's lives, this premier feed is the simple way to make sure your horse stays stronger and healthier.

If you are more interested in yourself, it is only normal to feed DuMOR. In order to satisfy the needs of horse clients, DuMOR is launching three new feeds for horses from the end of August that span the entire lifecycle of a horse. DuMOR's teams worked in close collaboration with top formulation leaders and their industry-leading nutritional scientists and physicians to create the formulations.

This will allow them to produce nourishing breast milk and other important nutritional substances for their colt. Babies should keep feeding until they stop as they profit from the added nutrition and build up adequate bones during the first phases of life. Supplementary vitamines and mineral supplements help to keep mares and colts as fit as possible at such an important age.

Athletic horse will profit from Animal Health's Animal Health product, which has been developed to provide additional nourishment that results in correct foot maintenance and a nice coat. Good for the horse. Maize, oat and barley have a coating of melasse which gives the feed a taste of sweetness. The DuMOR Maintenance is an all-inclusive feed suitable for a more general horse group.

It has remained very faithful to its name to preserve the horse's soundness. Pellet feed is intended for horse riders who can be occasional riders or on paths. Additionally to these new features, several DuMOR product lines benefit from some improvements. The DuMOR range includes a full line of feeds to help your horse through all phases of his lifes.

Below is a brief overview of the DuMOR diet types according to the horse's ages and activities.

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