Dumor Horse Halters

Dumour horse halter

Sell two Dumor Horse halter. Buy Gaytheist It NowFree ShippingLOT OF BRAND NEW DuMOR SMALL Size Horse Halter orange black green tagsNew Other . Adjustable nylon halter with floral design. I love your new HYBRID holder, but I didn't get the right size..

... No problem! The Dumor Royal Blue Value holder for medium horses.

DOMORĀ® Purple Rope Holder and Poly Leash

Purple Purple Rope Holder Halter und Poly Lead - Tractor Supply Co. Purple Purple Rope Holder Halter und Poly Lead - Tractor Supply Co. Side Pull Rope Holder allows you to train a young horse or enjoy an older horse without the inconvenience of using anything. Made by Showman Products, this headpiece is made of a 2-layer gauze with nickel-plated resin.

Adjustable nylon halter with floral design: Chic's Discount Saddlery

Adaptable! DussMor Flower designed Nylonsleeve. A great looking holster with a interwoven pattern on both sides of each holster for an astonishing overall impression. Made of durable, three-layer gauze, brasspouts, solid bras fittings and a press stud at the cervical area.

Typical horse height - 800-1100lbs.

Adaptation & Exchange

You like your new holder, but you don't have the right dimension? First, however, look at the "How to mount the HYBRID" rider and make sure that it is correctly mounted. Here is how you can replace your holster (within the United States): Send your holster back to the following adress.

It is recommended that you use US Postal Priority Mail as the quickest and most cost-effective option: Personalised holster? We' ll reassemble the panel for you on your new holster.

Spare leather safety release

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