Dumor Horse Supplements

Deumor Horse Supplements

DuMOR® With DuMOR you can offer your animals an even and varied nourishment in every phase of their lives and at every required achievement levels. The DuMOR® horse feed is available in several great formulations for the horse's needs and phase of development. The DuMOR Horse Supplements and Treatments are designed to give your horse the food it needs for optimal good condition and nutritional dairy replacement.

Neonatal veal infants, children, llambs and other babies need a specific formulation to help them develop into wholesome, prolific adults. DuMOR® Kükenstarter, Kratzer, Gärtner/Finisher, Lagepellets and Streusel offer the best possible maintenance for your grown up and full grown fowl. Get your courtyard hens what they need to become a lucky and wholesome herd.

DuMOR® range of goats and lambs, proteins and mineral supplements, as well as dietary supplements, provide your pet with a lifelong dose of good nutrition and goodness. A part of breeding swine is the right nutrition. The DuMOR® range of pork diets is intended to help support the development of healthier, fast-growing pork. Are you new to chicken farming?

The DuMOR Weight Booster is a high quality rich in calories food additive for all horse and pony categories.

The DuMOR Mass Booster is a high quality rich in energy food additive for all horse and pony categories. Designed to deliver additional energy to help maintain your overall caloric value, supporting your gains in lean mass, physical fitness and power without the risks of cereal-related clotting. Dewatered maize burners Cereals with solvents, plant oils, linseed, potassium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate (a preservative), dry Baccillus lecheniformis fractionate, dry Baccillus subttilis fractionate and BHT (a preservative).

Raw material (min.) 14%, raw grease (min.) 40%, raw fibre (max.) 11%, calcium (min.) 0.6%, calcium (max.) 1.0%, phosphorus (min.) 0.4%, omega-3 fats (min.) 5.0%, licheniformis and subtilis (min.) 1 billion CFU/4 ed. Feed instructions (1.100 lb. horse): Supplied shovel contains approximately 2z. Give 2z. per daily to help maintain texture of fur and complexion.

Give 4 of an ounce a days for elevated energy to help increase your body mass. Horse, which trains particularly strongly or are strongly loaded, can be nourished 8-16 October every morning. Adapt the indicated quantity according to the pet's body mass. The DuMOR 8 lb Weight Booster is evaluated at 4.4 of 5 x 36.

Big Mass Pharmaceutical Great Pharmaceutical. Using it to help put back a mare's body mass after I got her. Isn' it natural that this lotion smells like leaven? DuMOR is a high quality, high fat supplements for all horse and pony categories. Could you tell me what the NSC value of this one is?

I' d like to make sure it's secure to nourish a Cushing's horse. Yes, please obey the instructions for horse nutrition (a 2 oz shovel for 1,100 lb horse) along with the routine nutrition programme. It is a high in calories complement and is suitable for use with a expectant mother.

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