Dun Dealers Horses for Sale

Dun Dealers Horses for Sale

Locally located dunes near horses and ponies in the UK and Ireland. 15.2 Buckskin gelding (written out as a dun). Approximately 10 years

Nativities are pretty bad and can be very defiant. Most recently he was known in the Peterborough/Cambridgeshire area and belonged to a retailer who called him "Dusty Boy". It is thought that they purchased it around July 11 th, initially said that it was on sale one or two weeks later, but since then they have found that it was still with this trader during the August holidays.

He was purchased from a retailer in Darbyshire who in early June renamed him Paddington/Paddy. Since April he has gone through 3 merchants/4 houses.

Horse for sale

She' s BS JC-registered because she almost always had twin clear in the few shows she's taken part in. She' s great in Transdanubian and would do well in WHP courses. Breed and chased in Ireland, Willow is a clever, strong rider's butt that is suited for a kid or an grown-up - sharing a crunching mother/child.

She' s a willing jumper and never ends and gives my two grandchildren (the older one being a jittery rider) self-confidence about various SJ classes.

Seren, my 11-year-old grandchild, won the WHP class last past summers - several tournaments included. They were thrilled when they trained Willow over 1mtr 5cms! Alis at the age of 13 (the nervy one) took her to Broomes in April last year to go to Broomes and had several twin clearars that they just "chased"!

I' ve been hunting Willow for 2 season and have taken her on a horseback ride (with hips and knees!) and also rode her side-saddle. She' s a true familydog, who was also chased by my girl and Alis on a regular basis and sometimes trained by an 85-yro gentlen! It would fit someone who is looking for a simple all-rounder, equestrian club/ponyclubhorse, or beginner who wants to develop his self-confidence.

Participation in show-jump and hunter competitions. Chased in West Wales for 3season. Nice with horses and horses. A good baby-sitter for young horses. This is one of the realest horses on the mar. Hacked and been to some outlets inc Pony Clubs Rally, Aberaeron sec A Grand Nationwide and Tivyside Hunt Show.

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