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dunstan horse feed

Tunis Horsefeeds, Hamilton, New Zealand. "Our Equine Feed Professionals" Our range of horse and dog food, food supplements, worming cures and horse treats. $10,000 of Dunstan Horse Feeds' awards can be won again.

Dunstan Horse Feeds has once again digged to the bottom with just over four month of the Waikato BOP Harness Racing campaign, sponsoring $10,000 in cash at the Cambridge Raceway. "This is the forth year we have been sponsoring Cambridge Raceway, and they are such a good team to work with, especially Dave (Branch) and Charlotte (Mooney)," Smith said.

"Every horse that wins a totalizer at Cambridge receives points that are important for its start location. "The horse with the most points after our last seasonal reunion on July 1st is considered the first. For the Dunstan Horse of the Year Ranking, click here.

  • High content of indigestible fibres for optimal nutrition and gradual delivery of calories...... The Dunstan Muscle'n Shine is a high-calorie dietary supplement with a high content of fats and proteins..... The NRM Assett is a tasty, nutritional and nutritional food for year-olds. NRM Evolve is perfect for broodmares who are not breastfed or nursing.....

The Dunstan Old Horse Feed - Horse Health and Well-Being Supplements : The AMS Saddlery | Riding Equipment and much more. Buy online or in the shop

The Dunstan Old Horse - designed to satisfy the old horse's unparalleled dietary needs. Aging causes wear and tear to the horse's intestines. High-grade fibre-rich and low-fibre components (soy socks, lucerne flour, sugar beet) for the production of animal food with a low glycemic index, perfect for older, high-risk stallions with metabolism problems.

Increased content of proteins from high-quality source to help reduce the amount of proteins digested due to time. Increased containment rates of Natural Vitamine D to help promote immunity in older horses. Saccharomyces cervisiae, the living sugar that promotes the digestive system, especially phosphorus, which may be affected in older horses.

CitriStim® MOS (Pichia guilliermondii) living leaven to promote the horse's own immunity system and strengthen the horse's own defenses against human diseases. Calcium content and a calcium:phosphorus relation that meets the special demands of the older horse.

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