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Beautiful black and white miniature filly for sale. Price of miniature horse and pony for retired sale[marthagale]. Some of the different types of miniature horses we currently offer for sale are: Kaffer with her newborn filly, How is this little girl perfect? Palmmdale Risque's silver apple splattered white filly, what a little doll.

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The Freddo is a 5 year old, traditionally grey back strip, which leads a nice, quiet horse back ridein' ass to the cock. The first rider, currently rode by my 7-, 5- and 3-year-old grandkids. Very affectionate and true Shetland. She is a nice Sec D filly, this would be a great addition to any stallion.

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It' the season has come. It is a little different for some humans.... Foal is difficult, stressing and often leads to unviable colts or even dwarves.... why is that? When I found out that many breeder had dwarf colts, I was worried. At first it was with my girlfriend who was breeding miniature americans.... she didn't have one dwarf, but several and every single times she quickly was selling the broodmares.... then I was told that the broodmares had that too and again the broodmares were selling and nothing was said.....

She was not Falabella in any way and she invested so much in her offspring that I feared she would die one year later. That was the last date I saw her live. I was just wondering if it was tearing me apart... and I had no clue why or what had been happening until I began to deal with dwarf growth out of the shelter.

I' ve found out that some American miniature breeder lost up to a third of their foal through dwarf growth - that's right, and because dwarves hardly ever survive long when they do it through a lot of medicinal interventions and a large amount of TLC, we're not really cognizant.

The fillies had a classical malformation and usually these round, misshapen fillies are broken off when the fetus is very small. I' ve also found that some characteristics of dwarf growth are very similar to the look that many growers intentionally want to reach with extremely arched head, excessive Arabian head, small height and build.... so they cover up the timebomb in some way!

  • So, who knows if some of these dwarves are not dwarves themselves, but just not the symptom of the dwarves dying? In fact, it is very likely that some of these animals that show what we consider the perfect, actually carry the dwarf recession altogether.

We have found that the genes are transgenic, which means that both of our parent have to wear them in order to be able to make a dwarf - so why only the mare? - So, why not stop growing both the broodmares and the studs that cause these anomalies? While there are many nice creatures that would be very useful to the race, even if it looks as if they could bear the genetic material - they should be used in a responsible way.

Falabella has been relatively free of this genetic makeup for some considerable amount of development - some say that the Falabella was intentionally imported into the US minaturerace? - But should we not be responsible in our farming and at least try to keep our population as free from recessionary features as possible, and if so, how can we do that?

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