Dwarf Mini Horse Rescue

Mini Horse Rescue Dwarf

Mini's looking for their eternal home have certain needs: You can find dwarf miniatures, small horses and ponies for sale, including Falabella miniature ponies, which are the smallest horse breed. Rescue the Mini's Horse Rescue. Minihorse, Horse Sanctuary California. Saving, adoption and rehabilitation of miniature horses A place of refuge, A place of rest, A place of love.


What is a thumbnail horse? You can find them in many countries, especially in Europe and America. Name of the horse is defined by the horse size, which, according to the register of breeds, is usually less than 86-97 cm (34-38 inches) compared to the last hair of the crest of the mahne.

Whereas minature ponies are the sizes of very small ponies, many keep their characteristics and are called "horses" by their index. Peeps is a unique dwarf-horse. We have devoted our times to rescue and rehabilitation and find every mini forever a lovingly home. When you know of a Mini in distress, .

Mini's given up for adoption

She is a very cute, pretty filly, about 8 years old. It gets along well with other mini's, and is simply great near them! She is a very small filly with a size of about 28", very kind and great around the shed. She is a 2010 filly who has just joined the breeding program 25.06.17.

She is a wonderful filly with a stallion foal only a few months old, the filly is maroon with dark brown color! So cute and so cute. Perhaps she is a nice and very small mares and chestnuts-mares, she is 6 years old and possibly with child. Only a few months ago she came to us, very timid and insecure, but she quickly adapted to the needs of the crowd and likes to be cared for.

Butters is a wonderful 8-year-old black-eyed Palomino filly. She' s quite small and wants to be very sociable. She is a wonderful 3-year-old filly, who came to us a bit shyly, but in a few days she has turned into a nice, kind and open-minded shepherd.

She gets along well with other miniature animals, as well as animals and sheep! She is a very small 9-year-old filly who has been living in a farm most of her lifetime and is coming to humans! She is a very beautiful filly, she looks like a true bull!

She is very understandable and is a very nosy filly, who just needs some TLC!

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