Dwarf Miniature Horses Sale South Africa

Miniature Horses for Sale South Africa

Vacation homes for sale and rent, George. The MMC Stud breeds miniature horses and donkeys on a farm near Potchefstroom. Western Cape, South Africa. South African Breeding Book and Livestock Association Visitors: Several are also called Toy Horses, Pigmy Horses and Dwarf Horses.

imminiaturhorses - breeder of first-class blood lines

The MNB' s breed programme was set up after careful consideration and comprehensive research. It was a clear goal to utilize and enhance the best bloodlines: descendants of several world champions and American imports were the beginning of MNB miniature horses. MNB' succes is in its capacity to recognize excellency, to make choices and to strive for sophistication in its herds.

As a result, they have imported and used some of the best blood lines in the game. Breeding elegance miniature horses that finally enthuse people.

Hard-earned miniature horses | broodmares foals

Horses borne in 2018 are named with N. Hart-E also began to use a partially reared 50% American stallion, MMC Charming Attraction. Now 18 years old, he is still grazing with his 13-headed mare-flock. Many of our broodmares are within the maximum breeding standards.

Also important is that our broodmares can give birth in a natural and uneventful way. ANNABEL'S BLOOD LINE. Their offspring are of extraordinary value and of extraordinary value for every stallion and fit the Hart E breeding-principle. ? Hart-E Aero - Darkbrown filly and her own filly.

  • 2012 - Reserve Champion with Misty Meadows, 2017 and Reserve Champion of the Year filly. Hard E Izabella - a MMC Charming Attraction filly. THE MMC SUPREME BALLERINA BLOODLINE, a fox filly purchased by Mr. Johnson in 2012.

? Hart-E Lilli Marlene - by Hart-E Sir Galahad. He is a long-legged maresto chestnut foal with nice movements. Ferrari Hart E Julyanna - a maresuit by Outeniqua Rocky's Gabriel.

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I' m the proud proprietor of the first miniature donkey in South Africa. And he told me that there are mini-cocks in America. When his father and with my supreme knowledge it was my job to tell him that you don't get a miniature donkey and what he had seen were miniature horses, NOT miniature docks.

"I saw a shield selling miniature donkeys," was his answer. This was an historical date when the four Danks (Rocky, Destiny, Olivia and Gina) landed on South Africa ground on 30 November 1998. Remaining is now story and the Donk became by far my favorite pet.

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