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Dr Glass experimented with designs and materials to find a more natural alternative to iron horseshoes, and his vision evolved into the EasyCare product line. EasyCare Trail Boot has been redesigned and is now called Easyboot New Trail. The Easycare's EasyShoe brings you the most innovative horseshoe on the market! Easy boots are an excellent alternative to conventional metal shoes. EASY-care is one of the leading manufacturers of hoof shoes for horses.

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Has anyone told the horse trade it's 2015? Today is a fast developing world: high-tech material is more powerful, light and absorbs vibrations better than steel. Why do we still protect our horse with shoes designed over 1,500 years ago? At EasyCare everything revolves around the horse and its people.

Dr Glass was experimenting with design and material to find a more elemental substitute for horseshoes, and his idea developed into the EasyCare family. Horseshoes are now easy to use; they remain in place in rough terrains, they are heavier than shoes and they are longer than shoes.

A new design is hardware-free and adapts to the hooves like a second hide. If your horse in shoes, barefooted or with a replacement tyre for a missing boot, shoes are the ultimative boot protector for your horse companion. Well-kept hooves are a major trend in horse care, and many horse breeders are becoming familiar with the advantages of walking bare-footed.

Shoes offer cover and allow the naked hooves to bend as provided by Mother Nature. This is the dominating product of our range and proves that horse-boot is not a trendy item or toys, but an indispensable item of clothing for every horse-owners. So if you haven't tried them yet or if you are using the old models: it's a good idea to upgrade.

Easycares EASY SHOEPERTIVE NG adhesive or pair of nails

Easycare's EasyShoe is the most advanced horse-shoes available! The EasyShoe Performance NG can be used either as an adhesive boot or a conventional nailed boot and is a flat boot with an integral crotch that gives your horse the feeling of being barefooted without losing the essential boot protector.

The performance boot made of polyurethan is a good option for those who have been barefooting throughout or have experience with the EasyCare Easy Boots. These shoes' original designs maintain your horse's foot and your frog's foot in touch with the floor.

In this way the horse retains the sensation that it has barefooted or in a boot. It also has a side and upright flexure that allows the hooves to stretch and shrink with each foot movement, allowing the feet to move separately. In order to find the right horse for you, please consult the tables below and the Easyboot horsefoot measurement guide.

Performance NG EasyShoe can be worn with Vettec Adhere, PolyFlex Bond or normal (e-head) pins. That gives you the agility to adapt the EasyShoe to your needs! The EasyShoe can be gently pulled off and reused when using normal pins. Drivers usually get about 500 mileage from a set of shoes that are reused.

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