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A used saddle can save a lot of money and still be a great saddle. TeeKna English Saddles 17 " Tekna training saddles, MW, removable kneeblocks, light cosmetical damages on the front as seen on the pictures, but not visible when riding and does not interfere with the use. The sewing and flocculation noises have been tested by Master Sattler. A Tekna all-purpose saddle is for sale. I am selling here on behalf of a jumping saddle of the company Tekna.

She is the American subsidiary of our well-known German brand USG. The saddle est une imitation cuir qui ne diffère guère du cuir véritable. Malheureusement, however, la selle a été vendue au client comme convenable avec des conseils incorrects. Now it turns out that the saddle is completely inappropriate.

With purchase of the Saddle there is still a small surprise in addition. Since this is a private sale, there is no return and no warranty. Tekna® 17" "LeTek PLUS Closed-Contact saddle LeTek Plus unites the smoothness of leathers with the longevity and easy-care properties of plastics. It has a light discolouration on the fit.

Beautiful 17.5" Tekna dressage caliper for sale. It is in an astonishing state without stains, scrapes or disfigurements. Extreme comfort seat. Tekna seat covers with belt holders.

British Saddles

Borelli Continental 18 Zoll British Sattel. Second hand Pessoa Saddles. The nut has some slack seams on the underside of the nut. Buckingham British Nut for sale. The seams are tight-fitting. It is ROCK massive. Licensed by the Olympic Committee for use in equitation, the British seat offers many advantages for horses and riders.

It is designed to give the horse more room to move, whether it is walking at full pace, half pace or crossing rough ground. In contrast to the other saddles, the German versions have no horns or other construction characteristics that stick out from the main boom of the semi. The most beginners begin with an all-purpose British seat equipped with a set of basic parts to guarantee the driver's convenience and security.

For the more experienced rider, such as the English show jumper, there are several functions that the rider can use to steer the pace and motion of a rider. Artisans build the massive wooden seat, which forms the spine for the addition of belt and cushion. The majority contain spring steels, which are evenly arranged under the stressed wooden layer to ensure impact damping.

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