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Hello and welcome to Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Equine Elite Products - Equine Elite Products - Equine Elite Products The EquinElite care products are the result of over 40 years of research. We' ve used a patented mix of wholesome plant extract to formulate our products that smells great! All our products conditioning and conditioning your horse's coat with naturally occurring substances, and because EquinElite contains no alcoholic beverages, you don't have to be concerned that your horse's coat will dry out.

Recommend by professionals & horse lovers! A healthy and economical daily use!

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Elite Equine Evolution E3 - Horse care and maintenance products for horses

By Jupiter Florida, this specialist line of equine care and healthcare products focuses on nanotechnology for the most efficient results. Equine products from EL3 range includes horse care products such as horse care shampoos, felt remover, throttle treatments and insect repellents. Nanotechnology is used to decrease the molecular sizes of certain substances in order to increase adsorption in skins and fur, to increase insolubility and bioavailability.

The Elite Equine Evolution names these micromolecules "nanodrops" and they are an important part of all equine products from this group. Nanodrops work in a constant rate of secretion, so that the main constituents provide longer benefits and greater efficacy. Its nanotechnological supply system and high-quality contents are part of what makes the N3 a favourite for horse-riders.

Antibacterial and antimycotic E3 Horse Shampoo is one of the best treatment against dry rot, while E3 Lightening Shampoo works wonderfully on bright horse colours such as pale palomino and grey. Your uniquely waterless argan oil shampoo acts as a stain remover to quickly clean away grime and greens while keeping the horse's fur glossy and moist.

Equine Skin Products smells good, works well and is very inexpensive at Mary's for price conscious horse owner. Elite Equine Evolution nanodrops allow you to work for your horse and take advantage of this amazing tech.

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