Elite Irish Horses for Sale

Eleite Irish Horses for sale

The breeding program focuses on Elite-Holsteiner bloodlines crossed with Irish thoroughbred lines. Wonderful white and thin Irish Cob stallion. Race, Irish Sport, Part/Purebred, Purebred. Sales will be streamed live @ www.irishsport.

tv. The best young show horses in Ireland in one place.

Find out about our latest collection of show jumpers. "Captain Oaths of Seamus and Maria I acquired and in 2013 I brought him to the USA. I've done everything professionally, from try-out and verification to ship. Much I commend Seamus and Maria. "In the last five years I have acquired six horses from Seamus and Maria.

As well as being perfectly healthy, all horses are good to amateurs and they are a winner! Time and again I get unasked for more than the amount we payed through Seamus. They are marvelous to work together and they tell the truths.

" The EEI offers you a large choice of horses, all of which have been specially educated as part of our program and have also taken part in our formal contests. Our full range of services includes full retail prices: pick up from the airfield, lodging on demand, sightseeing and testing, vet examination and transportation to your new home.

In case we do not have the right pony you are looking for, we have a large contact base throughout Ireland to find a pony that meets your exact requirements. You should choose the most suitable type of property for the amount of your investments and the period of your stay.

We' re always available to help you decide on the best way to buy an investinghorse, be it a youngster whose development you want to see or an expert that you want to see at the top shows. For further information on possible investments, please either consult Seamus or Maria.

We work with you on a full-time partnership from the first day of your visit to make sure we find the right one. In our opinion, after-sale is as important as selling, and we will remain in constant communication with you to provide you and your horses with the best possible starting point for the partnership.

A lot of our customers came and remained with us for a few short or long periods to build the relationship before taking their new horses home. The horses that EEI sell all come from tried and tested blood lines on both sides and show the ability to challenge at the highest levels of their selected disciplines.

Every stallion is delivered with a clear vet certificate and 20 x-rays (except brood mares and foals). The website will contain a horses data base showing stud detail for mother and father and 4 generation back. He has also earned qualifications for various The Dublin Hickstead and Hickstead shows on a number of occasion.

A number of customers know immediately whether they want the horses, others like to take the opportunity to come back for a second or third visit, or to try the tramp. We will take care of all the necessary steps regarding the sale of your horses from the veterinary visit, transportation etc. in a prompt and competent way so that you can unwind and wait for your horses to arrive without worries.

He is the cum-sonmate pro, a man of few words, but he will hardly mislead anyone. Because of his deep understanding of the horses and what works best for them, you will feel that you know the horses so well before you ride them. He is one of the most prestigious show jumpers on the track and his opinions are highly appreciated by all professionals.

All facilities are under one umbrella, with stable, walkers, riding hall and washing area, all easily accessible and the wheather has no influence on the daily horse work. A number of kayaks provide all horses with enough relaxation space.

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