Endurance Horse Riding Helmets

Riding helmets for endurance

Poly-carbonate shell is very durable and lightweight. Poly-carbonate shell is very durable and lightweight. Coolmax® fibre is used for the interior upholstery, which is pleasant to wear and breathe. It is an innovation that allows the optimal adjustment of the height of the crown to the wearer's skull. The inner cushions are combined with two swimming weighing points for optimal convenience.

The props are constructed in such a way that they are oscillating and allow them to be adapted to any forming part.

Skeleton supports have been developed and improved to give the best possible shape and weight distribution. An intelligent proactive ventilation system with four top ventilation openings built into the shell ensures a high standard of coolant flow and the top aerodynamics guarantees the driver the best possible efficiency.

It is very simple and convenient to wear with the leatherette chinstrap. Hypo-allergenic and wash-able, extremly convenient and prevents irritations of the sebum.


Specialized in equestrian gear and tools for those who enjoy the suspense and suspense of endurance riding. Single and pair competitions and veterans championships. Ultimate Endurance Rididng experience in the beautiful landscape of Exmoor National Park. Different levels of difficulty from Pleaseure Ride to Novice to the Ultimate Golden Horseshoe 100 Horseshoe 2 Days Challeng.

This year we are proud to be the Golden Horseshor's principal sponsor. Seacliff on 15, 16 and 17 June 2018 is one of the largest trips of the year for the Scotish Endurance Riding Club. Tipperary Sport riding helmets are our best vented and breathing riding helmets.

Made by Pheonix Products of Canada, the ultralight, aerodynamic harness features a choice of large, front, top and back woven ventilation slots that provide optimum airflow and are perfect for endurance, TREC,riage Driving and riding in warmth. Made to ASTM F1163-04a and ASTM F1163-15 (American/Canadian standard), the SEI approved and labeled helmet.

  • 4-point split straps for added convenience and fitting. - Reflecting tail for better view in low lighting situations. Available now in Pink, Purple, Electric Blue, White, Carbon Grey, Navy and Plain Matte Black. The latest in our riding cap line has a contemporary, matte, one-piece shell pattern and features:

Back e-dial to make sure the driver gets the best possible grip. This is a newcomer to the very much loved Tippary Sport Riding Hat series. Made by Pheonix Performance Products of Canada, this light, well vented harness features a choice of front, top and side slits in contrasting colours for increased airflow while riding, making it perfect for long haul and carraige style cycling.

A large smooth, elastic tip for more security. Detachable, launderable back cushions for a custom fitting. Reflecting tail fairing for better view in low lighting conditions. Supplementary liners that can be placed around the inner shell for added convenience. Delivered with added back padding and inner padding.

Mat Black with Royal Mesh/Detailing, Mat Black with Purple Mesh/Detailing, Mat Black with Carbon Grey Mesh/Detailing and Mat Black with Teal Mesh/Detailing.

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