Endurance Horses for Sale

Perseverance horses for sale

EXCEL Cre Run horses also on the endurance track. He's my amazing assett who was well hidden before a sale in the Middle East. We are looking for endurance horses for sale on this site. Sell ENDURANCE HORSES, TRAIL HORSES and SPORT HORSES! That's really hard, because I love these four endurance horses!

Perseverance horses for sale

WoondRful horses to try to ride, she tries harder and is very..... Léonardo Ninja Pony *Ninja* Appaloosa X Morab/Spotted Draft Dobbiaco Wallach: AQHA handmade 3 deerskin Geldings 10 years old. He is a well breeded, very high class stallion that is difficult to find! That' Snoopy, he' s a 7-year-old colt.

He is fit and a good rider, he has.....

The Cre Run Horse Farm - Doswell, Virginia

The Cre Run is characterised by superb racehorses for the Olympic course, and these multi-talented equestrians perform excellently in various sports. EXCEL Cre Run horses also on the endurance course. With so many that do so well on the 50 and 100 miles that it would be almost impractical to go into the accomplishments and accomplishments of each one of us - below is a selection of our accomplishments.

Now Crownn Royal is our stud on which we concentrate for the heredity of endurance horses - see our top stud list here. Cash In (Sam Tiki+ x Cashay) and Nicki Meuten in second place at the Old Dominion 100 Mile Ride anniversary game! Following the victory of the FEI 100 in Biltmore and the victory of BC.

That' s 3 one-day 100-mile trips in a jumping saison with 3 top 5 places! Cash-in In ranks first in the National 100 Rile Mide Awards and first in the overall SE ranking. CONGRATS to another Cre Run Top Ten! Samsheik x CR Dasire's SheikSheikSheikSheik and Bob Walsh's Teri Carroll finished fifth in the Old Dominion 50 miles ride - quite impressing with 57 riders and 45 finisher.

This is a great outing for the 40-year jubilee. He had 1170 Leagues under his Girdle with 15 Top Tens and a Bestonditioned! Awesome job Sheikh, Teri, Bob and team! The most likely place was also the fifth place in Biltmore, while Cre Run OPENING ACT won the FEI 55 in Biltmore the same end and then the opening act next weeks at the GERA 50 - and thus BC in both disciplines!

Heartbreaker ( "Dahess x TC Break Dancer" by Wiking, produced by Cre Run) was named first and best on May 5 th 2018 at the Biltmore Challenge 55m. Langley (breed of Cre Run) was 6. in the LD of over 50 horses and we had an amazing trip around Biltmore.

Brilliant Biltmore today! In the 1950s Jeremy Reynolds was riding Lynn N Barbara Hershberger's mare, AnyDayNow, at the Biltmore. The two horses were great-looking. Thanks to our great team, Holly Jonsson, Alex Rodriguez, Barbara and her man Lynn. Not only does Cre Run breed high class racing horses for the circuit, but also horses that can walk the circuit with their hearts.

Cre Run breeding gelding Finderzkeepers won the 100 Leagues competition at Biltmore 2017 under the direction of Bonnie Hannah and also won the prestigious Best Cond. Treasured Moments also won the Haggin Cup at Tevis 2017 (Best Conditioned) with Jeremy Reynolds on board. This was the first mare to start at a range of over 75 mph.

A HARC filly by Cre Run and a former racing champion in Delaware Park. Buffalo Run Endurance Day took place on Saturday, September 30, 2017. Rajala tells of another successfull trip for the Cre Run Cre crew - Full of Fiesta, Mary Full of Grace and Langley at the Broxton Bridge Moonlight - USA SE Endurance Fundraiser all 3 complete, all among the top 3, and once again how they are masters.

On Saturday mornings, Heidi Mary Full of Grace and Tom Langley were riding in the 25 miles between them. The two drove together until they reached the 6 miles, when Langley and Tom stopped and Heidi and Mary started their journey. So Heidi said Mary was on a quest, powerful, consistent and wise.

During the whole trip they occupied a powerful second place, outstanding heart rate and veterinary results. Langlley was a beautiful horse on the track, clever and calm and enjoying a short break with other horses. And he had no problems to increase his speed again and leave the other horses behind to reach a decent third place.

Fiesta and Tom drove a 50 miles long moonlit drive that began at 6:30 pm. We' re currently in the process of development and we see that Mary will be a giant horse to smash the rivalry, Fiesta is a rocking actor and Langley (our little boy) will be a wrestler for the best set-up.

Again we got feedback from the veterinarians and the riding managers how good and good our horses are. Is a 2008 offspring of Cre Run. Fiesta Top Tens in the 50 and Mary Full of Grace finished 11 in the 25 at the Leatherwood Endurance Challenge.

We' ve finished the Leatherwood Mountains Endurance Challenge in No 6! During the whole days Fiesta was a quiet and stable stallion. His way through the engineering areas, he was eating and drinking well to stay on top while driving. Another great novelty that continued our success with our CreRun horses over the course of the week was Mary Full of Grace, who had her first endurance test in the 25 Miles.

It was a mountain plant - Mary made 25 leagues barefooted! Thanks again for these beautiful horses. More about Cre Run horses on our NEW page. He' my astonishing assett who was well hid from a sale in the Middle East. "Fiesta finished third in the 30th place at Hope for Horses in Biltmore.

" Cheers, September 12, 2015, Hidden Assetts (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure), lovingly called "Ace", won a 55-mile run and received the best condition in Oklahoma. Sheik Sheik Sheik Sheik and Teri Walsh reported another 10 tens for AWESOME WOLF in Biltmore.

Lots more pictures below of these two amazing horses and their great performances. is by Samsheik and out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire by Moniet El Nafis. The Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and from Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh.

Dahess Ryechess is a 2010 gray gelding from the Polish Rye- a young equine and mounted by juniors. He is Sheik Sheik Sheik by Samsheik and out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire by Moniet El Nafis. The Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and from Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh.

He' s making good progress in endurance - he's covered 325 miles so far. The last one we took off deceased, as he is not yet âhotâ prepared for a launch and worked our way up / hilly cliffs with little in the way for a big steed to take an edge, but when we found a level surface, he soared.

Another 55-mile roadshow before the Old Dominion 100 in June! TreeSured Moments, by DA Adios and from Hidden Treasure was raised in the Delaware Park in the 2014 season by Cre Run and a racing champion. Heather Reynolds commented on January 27, 2015: "Treasured Moments did its second long haul trip last week.

" The year of GRIMM's founding is continuing with the construction of another 50 years, this year 3 endurance trips over 155 mile. Checkers, out of the TC Break Dancer, by Nivour De Cardonne, by Wiking. Djubilee, breeded by Cre Run, is a 2001 filly out of C R Dasire and Djebbel.

"Djubilee gave me a lift to the Tevis Cup on Saturday. "Best, Tiki Barber and Carol Fontana on their first 50 miles drive 4/26/14 to/7! Breedered by Cre Run, Tiki Barber drove the course for 4 years, won 9 races and took second place 7 and third place 4 years.

Also on the lefthand side is the "2nd Annual Christmas" picture of Carol Fontana, Tiki Barber on her way to his first victory at the McDowell Mountain 50 miles ride on November 15th 14th. Commercial Me Mon and Kelsey Hamill go far away and love it!  This is his second year competitive in endurance, and he just ended the moonlight in Vermont 75 miles drive on 7/19/14.

This was the first trip of 50 leagues. It now has 275 AERC mileage. He is full of passion and resolve! "Cash-in In binds noses to noses for first in the 100 mil finals at Biltmore 2014! Cash-in In bound for the victory of the 100 in Biltmore Féri, face to face without a mustache of distinction between her and one of the horses of Valery Kanavy Ravin About Gold.

The Opening Act is a young Endurance Star! Come off a fourth place and BC at McCulley Farms go 50 Leagues in April, Opening Act WON the 2014 Biltmore Challenge FEI 55 Leagues drive and BC'd again! Ace" Hidden Assets (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) rode by the new rider Charles Granger on the endurance horseback in Shanghai Trails, on the Pierce Ranch, Texas.

Breedered by Cre Run, he drove 4 years on the track with 4 first, 4 seconds and 2 third and made $33,980. He is at Quichapa Lake and drives 50m in his first round, finishing second with Lisa Ford. Now Awesome Wolf is a Top Ten mare!

One of NIVOUR DE CARDONNE's 2005 geldings is Awesome Wolf by Asjah Ibn Faleh from Awesome Gal. As Sheik Sheik Sheik and Teri Carroll cross the finishing line for another top ten! At the Fort Valley Ride (50 Miler) they came on place 7 on 25.10.13. He is Samsheik and out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire.

"He' a SIMPLE stallion, never haunted, lurking on a cane. He has a fantastic pace and an unsurpassed inseam. It was rode by our 14 year old youngster who rode it a great deal this year. At Reynolds Racing we are so enthusiastic about Mo's endurance prospects.

Pictures of Charles Granger with the 5 year old BREAKING NEWZ (gelding by Patriot Missle+/ out of TC Break Dancer, by Viking; breeding by Cre Run)..... Proud owner Bob Walsh reported that Sheik Sheik Sheik and Awesome Wolf spent the 2 days 50 in Huntingdon, Pa. Sheikh was rode by Teri Carroll and Wolf by Clarisse Capize from France.

Sheik was running in Old Dominion 100 three week later, Teri turned 13. The Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and from Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh. is from Samsheik in C R Dasire by Moniet El Nafis. These two excellent racers were breeded by Cre Run.

Picture from Cover Endurance News, May 2012 issue: North Carolina-based Karen Bell (rider) is on her way to the top ten at the September edition of the famous Over the Mountain Race with her 10-year-old Arabic gelding Prince Sam. After the 50-mile drive in West Virginia, Karen and Sam ended in 9:51.

Sam has 1,250/55; Karen has 1,515 endurance and 515 LD-mile. By the endurance stallion Sam Tiki+ and Monarch's Princess. He' s pedigreeled by Cre Run. Updated..... in 2012 Maximum Heat reached 3 first and 3 best terms inclusive the Twenty Mule Team race, 100 mile - first place and BC of 34 runners.

AERC 50-mile course at Crimson Sage (MHF Eclipse x Capri El Csage), she finished in position 40 with a driving period of 7-hour. I was fox-hunting (which she still does three or four times a week) and in 1962 I began competitively on CTR.

As a result, I ran into Matthew MacKay Smith at CTR and I recall asking him, "Why do you do it instead of endurance? So, he took me to the Old Dominion riding with my thoroughbred rifles.

Saga is a tenacious, courageous stallion with a very high self-esteem! "It is always my aim to come home with a healthy steed to walk again, no matter what sport," she said. "Aubrey Downs, my former husbands, is a beautiful rider and with Valerie and Lori I have had a profound respect for the education of horses with long, slower and constant work.

I' m racing don´t and seldom know where I'm in a drive until it's over. There are two of them I chase up on a regular basis and one of them I do endurance too, and I only do endurance with sage. "About endurance she said: "I always like to help my boyfriends and bring new horses and horsemen into the game - a kind of sports that will teach you to live.

The endurance training allowed me to overcome very hard periods, which, like endurance, demanded a calm spirit and self-confidence. If my mates ask me which sports I like, my response is endurance! You' ll be able to horseback rides, be with good buddies and see stunning landscapes over 50m and more! "On July 29th in Lexington, KY~ 120km CEI4* Division Team USA won the golden coin with a combined driving distance of 25:25:31.

Team USA Northeast A was honored with a total driving speed of 25:40:57 in the CEI2* group. Twenty nine horsemen from Canada, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the USA contested the trail tour through the landscape of Lexington, Kentucky, much of which was also used at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

Dreams and I have been sharing many kilometres of trails since then, which includes our first 100, 10 top ten, 2 BC' and 1 victory. Since Sheik Sheik Sheik (1998 Samsheik x C R Dasire offspring, raised by Cre Run) is making headlines again.... he was placed 3. in Fort Valley 50!

He received the Old Dominion Triple Crownward. and Sheik Sheik Sheik was rode by Daryl Downs for Robert Walsh. "Sheikh is one of the most powerful Arab horses I have ever ridden," Daryl said. "And when Bob Walsh asked me to do Old Dominion with him, I got the brain!

I' m looking forward to making more mileage with Sheik as we keep learning more from each other. Ssamiam ( "above") another Cre Run breeded mare has join the Reynolds crew and has been in action since the 2009 campaign. Heather and Jeremy Reynolds are well-known endurance athletes who have officially worked at the Cre Run.

Reynolds have won Tevis 4 and the Haggin Cup 3 and they are 3 x AERC National 100 Mile Championshipwinner. "Pabillah, called Ready Set Go, and I have a small dressage (she is up to second grade ) and a great deal of endurance with her.

We' ve just covered over 2000 leagues together (and I'm a heavy-weight rider), which includes the Tevis this year, where over 85% of their veterinarian cards were A's). He has a great character, is handsome and charming and is a delight to be ridden. "Treasure Seeker, raised by Cre Run, now belongs to William Cecil Jr. of Ashville, North Carolina.

He' gonna be Bill' s own saddleback. Congratulation to Hillorie Bachmann. im Abbott and her Sam Tiki boy from the Cre Run kennel can be proud. The Sea Spot Run has 1200 miles - 10 Top Ten 2 victories and one BC - one Top Ten in a 100.

As Kim said: "He is Avesome. After retirement he is completely healthy and now turns into a great endurance rider. He' s just made his first 50 drive at a highly aggressive race at Freez R' Burns and finished second in a very aggressive group. "Ibn Ecclipse hat an der NATRC (North American Riders Conference) teilgenommen.

It is a long-distance race at a fixed speed, and the stallion has a points chart (and the horseman too) that assesses his physical condition, carrying capacity and manner and recovery. It' different from AERC endurance driving because it's not always the first to win.

Winner of a year-end NATRC Regional 1 prize for second place overall and winner of the Arab Horse Association High Point Champion for Competitive Trail in the National Division. Ecclipse amazes me with his passion, his passion and his persevering'equestrianism'. "Congratulations also to these endurance athletes who were either raised by Cre Run or produced by excellent Cre Run sires ("late 2010"):

Also a sample of SAM TIKI+ get in Endurance (More information about SAM TIKI): The Cre Run horses have an excellent endurance and recovery capability as well as a proper exterior, which allows these horses a long, aggressive and prosperous endurance career. Want to know about your success in Endurance with your Cre Run horses!

See also our happily trails page for more lucky owner and horses!

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