Endurance Saddle


We have put together our best collection of endurance saddles. The Endurance saddles are one of them, designed for long hours of comfort in the saddle. Riding Saddles/Bareback Pads. The Synergist Custom long-distance saddles are the choice of long-distance racers. Specialized in treeless endurance saddles, we also offer traditional tree saddles.


15.5" Tucker Endurance Saddle SICE! A well-made Tucker endurance saddle in very good, mint state is for the sales. 15,5" fit, standard boom, super comfortable for trailer-racing. Two-tone Orthoflex cutback saddle with cushioned fit. The saddle is suited for various uses such as track rides or endurance. The saddle is in good shape with good use.

Comfy, upholstered..... Up to 15-15 1/2" Synergist endurance saddle. Please see photographs for seating area. These are 16-inch R.L. Watson Flexible Plate saddle for sal. At the moment I have three of them. R.L. Watson retired and I wanted to make sure I had spare calipers. The saddle is 16".... The saddle has some abrasion on the saddle, also the neckerchief is torn, the lower half is not there.

The Tucker Gen II saddle is surprisingly comfy. Sitting is 16,5 with broad boom. XINT State. Beautiful Circle Y endurance saddle, handcrafted. Close-seamed, plain, upholstered fit,..... Beautiful, used saddle with regular abrasion, and still many mileage! It would be a 15" westernsitz, 17,5" British style one.

Suitable for a wide range of horses and the Flex panel with horses for a smooth drive..... "De Pampa Carbon-Kev was designed to meet the requirements of endurance horses and riders. It is the ideal saddle for the athlete of today. 16 " chair, 22 " rock. Weight approx. 22-25 lb. British rig with west adjustment brackets.

A 3288 Series number: Saddle with suitable Synergist chest..... That saddle is oversubscribed for nearly $700 you might have the saddle for under 500 the saddle needs some clearing, but the leather is well more figures have been added. thank you for your interest in.... Including buckle rollers, BOZ'never slip' saddle cloth, 2 pairs of sticks - 1" and ", and BOZ chest cuffs.

The BOZ saddle, the endurance saddle. Good shape. It' a very comfy saddle, only fits my saddle, not sure how big the saddle is. You can find a detailed picture of this saddle in the last picture. That saddle sells new for $1300 to Big Horn, so this is a theft of a deed. It'?s the saddle I like to ride.

There is a beautiful comfy fit for hourns of ride..... The Kuda Saddle is in a very good used state. Freely oscillating hoops, very variable rigging. 2. Convenient fit, perfect for long driving sessions.

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