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Because in the barn or in the city, our English Country boots offer exceptional comfort, classic styling and beautiful leather. New Dubarry collection, water and outdoor clothing, boat shoes, sailing shoes, leather boots and accessories for men and women . Home; > Stamps;

> TuffRider; > English riding boots; > Big riding boots; > Country boots. The name Tricker's stands for outstanding workmanship and has established itself as a manufacturer of heavy country boots and shoes. Buy Jeffers for all your riding and lifestyle boots!

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Buy our large selection of women's rubber boots and country boots. For the farm, dogs or just in the city, we have a couple for every event. Select from some of our favorite labels such as Hunter, Ariat, Dubarry and Dublin. }; }; }; }); // Change the text of the switch to $(".toggle").on("click", function(e) { var filters = $(this).parent().().children().children(); if(filters.hasClass("hide")))) { filters.fadeIn().

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Tricker's - mythical English country boots

RE Tricker Limited was formed in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, one of England's oldest shoe manufacturers. Tricker's is known for its excellent workmanship and has become well known as a manufacturer of sturdy country boots and footwear for farmers, landowners and the rural nobility. Tricker's new plant in 56-60 St. Michael's Rd, Northampton, was opened in 1904.

Even today, the same plant is the basis for the entire Tricker production. Whilst over the years the tradition of making has evolved, the dedication of trickers to producing top of the range footwear and boots has stayed the same, and Tricker's men and woman can carry out special surgeries that many other welt-sewn producers cannot. Whilst the initial Tricker's Country Boat went through a period of fast-paced evolution in the early years, it quickly became the classical shape we are so used to today, it is no wonder that growers throughout England, then the UK, swear by the comforts, longevity and usefulness of Tricker's watertight boots.

And all you need is a couple of trickers. This results in a one-of-a-kind footwear or boots that adapts itself to your feet' outlines. Trickers country boots and footwear really are the ultimative lux. Boots and boots from Tricker's are made on last and are durable.

Well groomed, there's no need why a couple of trickers shouldn't last a life. We owe this to the unbelievable diligence and attentiveness that the artisans in Northampton - the home of English shoemaker's tradition - devote to every Tricker's footwear or boots. Each and every Tricker boots or footwear is the product of 260 separate process steps.

Constructed to the same high standard that made Tricker's Country Boat famous, the Tricker's Country Boat is now a straight descendent of the boots that Walter James Barltrop designed at the young ages of seven. Today, Tricker's boots and footwear are known for their high level of craftsmanship, unparalleled wearing comfort, personality and flawless personality.

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