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Riding clothes in English

Shows like Western Pleasure use much more eye-catching equipment than English traditions, where clothing and turning points are quiet and unobtrusive. Have a look at the online catalogue for English riding clothes: Vests, jackets, trousers, polo shirts, bootees and much more. The British equestrian clothing has strongly influenced civilian fashion in other countries. Riding clothes in Dallas on YP.com.

Ecuestrian Buttons Set Gold Metal Crest Showing Dressage.

English-language equestrian accessories | eBay

The Equestrian Button Kit. HORSE SHEEPS. Beautiful horse shoe ear studs - glossy golden color with glittering crystal - gold-colored costume jewelry - glossy silver-colored pierced ears - 10mm x 8mm pierced ears. Ashby Dublin Show Jacket - Sizes 12 - Great state! Breathtaking Dublin Ashby Riding Show Jacket sizes 12 - B, but would probably also suit an grown-up of sizes 10-12.

Zippered golden neck. Ariaat' s new midsize pantyhose. The Equestrian Button Kit. BRIDLE EARS. Beautiful, dangling pierced pearl necklace in silvery shine, with half bridle. Sandy with dark rim and multicoloured horse. HORSE SHEEPS. Beautiful horse shoe rings - glossy golden color adorned with glittering crystal - gold-colored costume jewelry - glossy golden color adorned rings - 10mm x 8mm pierced ears.

HORSESEARS. Beautiful riding styled earring in shining golden colour. Fashionable golden coloured pierced rings. The Equestrian Button Kit. Adult sizes only available in black patent leather. This is a great little moneybag for the tournament period, don't take a big pocketbook and run the chance of loosing all your tickets. Beautiful ear studs - glossy silvery color with glittering crystal.

ORSESHOE EARINGS orseshoe earings. 10mm x 8mm sterling silver costume jew. glossy silvery pierced ears. CUFFLINKS. Sandy with dark rim and multicoloured ponies. HORSERACINS & SCARVES. Beautiful silk shawl with printed pages on horseback side printed with pure red and blue color. All purpose glove boot top sized, close fit.

Tortie Acryl with silvery bridle motive. HORSE CLASP. HORSE & SCARVES. Beautiful silk shawl with horse printing - dark backgrounds - horse color. RIDER SHELL. This is a beautiful shawl that accentuates your riding aura. HORSE PEN, LAPEL PIN. ALL RIGHT. It' a beautiful horse clip. Sterling 925 Sterling Silber jewelry, 43mm x 20mm bc.

Wonderfully finished in luxury 925 Sterling Silber. This is 925 Sterling Silber jewelry. EQUESTRIAN NECKRING. This is a beautiful open pony collar. Wonderfully worked from luxury, massive 925 Sterling Silber and covered with 22 ct goldwas. Colour: Sterling Silver with light pink Swarovski crystals. Breathtaking, isolated packed luncheon pack with printed horses in a robust 1680-denier cord-ura web.

LUNCH PACKAGE FOR HORSES. An elegant set of sterling 925 sterling silvery ringlets. HORSESEARS. Featuring a wine-red centerpiece. Featured Show Quest Stock Pin clear golden cash. Ashby Dublin Show Jacket - Size 12 - Great state!

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