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Bridle pieces are the most common, usually in horses that are trained. Bits for riding disciplines such as dressage, hunting/jumping are an indispensable part of English equestrian art. You can find your English bits at SmartPak.

German Bits

Buy our vast selection of English bits from top labels..... English-language bits for equestrian sports such as horse jumping, hunting and horse jumping are an indispensable part of the English equestrian art. English-language bits for all your workout, demonstration or travel needs. Bits are items of hardware made of either plastic or steel that are attached to the horse's bridles and go into the horse's mouths to control or stop.

English-style cheeks have cheeks that change the way the teeth move in the horse's jaws, as well as the kind of pull. Using cupric, sweetened steel or fragrant plastics makes the piece more attractive to the horse as it will help him with saliva. English bits for your English horse bridle from top marks like Ovation, Centauror New School Bits at reasonable price.

Deutsch Horse Bits for Sell

The Royal Army Service Corps' horse is in "as found" state and has not been fixed or mended. Each side has bronze army insignia for "Royal Army Service Corps", the Roman slogan is still clear and readable, but the coronet and stocking and the centre "VR" are a little used.

It' 15 cm (6 inches) broad and 22 cm (8 3/4 inches) long. Stainlees Steel Full Cheek Eggbut Stainless Steel Snaffle Mouth Low-Twist Full Cheek. Jaw is 4 3/4" for saddle horses (Saddlebred, Morgan, Walker, Arab). The JP Corsteel Bits are made with a bent nose piece to give your horse more convenience.

NEW Oronet NEW Cropper Foot Twin Wire Full Cheek Horse Bite 5" Cropper Twin Wire Full Cheek Snaffle Bite A more sophisticated set of teeth that works on the lingual surface and both cheek. There are 6ΒΌ " cheek pieces and a 14 mm wide snout. The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan Loose Ring Bits - 14mm - 5 3/4" The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan Loose Ring Bits has a 16mm Sensogan nozzle with a middle section that is turned through 45 to lie gently on the tip of the tip.

Sensogan, like Aurigan, fosters a gentle and sensible relationship with the horse. We are also horse men and have practiced, shown and breed. We' ll do everything we can to ensure that you a. This army horse, for the "Life Guards / Household Cavlary" is in "as found" state and has not been fixed or restaurate.

On each side are attached metal medallions with "Peninsula, Waterloo", the writing is still clear and readable, as are the wreath and the beacon. It' 19 cm (7 1/2 inches) in width and 19 cm (7 1/2 inches) long. To sell is a carefully used Herm Sprenger KK (original style) 2. 5" ring brake.

It is a small piece over 5 1/4" in the jaw and is 12mm thick. "Five " mouths with three. 25 " cheek. It is a top of the range horse sized horse and one of the most commonly used bits for all types of horse-raiding. Mild on the horse's jaw.

Beautiful soft piece for English or Westereiten. Same as KK ultrahigh, but with a spinning roll on the middle cane. Beautiful 5 1/4" Herm Sprenger KK Ultrahigh Aurigan ring binder.

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