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Used to communicate with the horse or to control the horse. There are many combinations of mouthpiece and cheekpiece in English bits. Visit our English Horse Bits. There is a large selection of all the English bits you can use. Buy from the largest selection in the world and the best deals on Myler English Horse Bits.

Bits in English

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French Link's beloved French nose piece with the knot-free, self-contained side motion French Link with some French language reliefs.... Drill the mud trap with the help of the mud trap drill. The mud trap drill is perfect for horse with a large or delicate mouth..... Second-hand a handfull of time is this cylinder drill in almost mint state.

Baking cheeks inclusive. 30 42 transports the horse into the harness area. 30 s cheeks is an ovarian plug type cheeks, but with slits for the rein and cheeks through which you can pass. It gives this Myler little something of the power to exert a little force on the bollard, and there are also two small perforations to accommodate hook for a kerb when needed.

"6" Myler English Pelham bit. MB41PB Myler D-Ring 5" Correctional Portable barrel without hook Low sport with drum, pepper and inlay. Due to the middle run the gum is pressurized. These mouthpieces are made of burnished confectionery iron which oxidises in a natural way. Via the mouthpiece: Nosepiece 04 is similar to Nosepiece 02 in that it rotates on the tongue and exerts force on the tongue; however, it has a light ("ΒΌ") connection that allows the horse to gulp as it moves forward and relaxes.

"3 "3" Pony Dee made of stainless steel without hook with Mullen Barrel Low Port (MB 06, Level 2-3), Cu inlay mouthpiece. Used Myler Dee Ring Low Port Level 2 for the English game.

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