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img English Horse Boots. Mountain Horse's Active Winter Rider Boot features a super comfortable and warm synthetic fur lining that offers comfort and style in a warm and comfortable winter riding boot.

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This gold-coloured quarter horse needs to be covered in cushion foil to keep its beautiful fur clear and its cuffs free of chips before the big show. Irrespective of how much work you put into making him look amazing, he always succeeds in rolling around in the dirt, in his boots and so on and hiding in the dirt.

You have the precise horse track boots you need to practise those pure manoeuvres and the gliding strokes your coach will drive you mad with this year. Look at the colourful horse-bell boots that keep your child safe from crossfire, take off a brandnew boot or hop over the railing on the way.

Horseshoes are only the beginning when it comes to the vast range of horse neck and apparel articles on your showcase this year.

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Mountain Horse's actively winters ride boat has a very comfortable and comfortable synthetic skin liner that offers warmth and warmth in a comfortable and comfortable winters boots. Leg: Hard-wearing outer material is sturdy and long-lasting. YKK Vislon's exclusive zip is powerful and long-lasting to extend the lifespan of your boots.

The new and enhanced flexible side zip has 50% more elongation than our previous rubber band, providing a more snug fitting for many more people. The foot section is padded with ultra-convenient, soft, hot synthetic fleece to keep your toe and foot warmer. Reflecting insets at the back of the boots for the dark.

Footrest made of imitation leathers is water resistant and has been proven to resist one million bends at 14 degrees. Soles system: Integrated steelshaft for enhanced strength when going or horse backwards. Particularly slender, contours of the soles, which have been developed especially for equestrian sports. Stain-resistant profile areas on the underside of the soles improve traction in the handle.

Uh-huh. Faux Fur.

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