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What makes the equipment of a horse called tackle up? Defining "tack" is what you put on your horse to use it. "The abbreviation for "tackle" is "tack". Jack contains the nut and the bridles, but also all the equipment needed to ride/ride/work around a horse - bite, stirrup, harness, holster, martingale, mine shoes - there are hundred of parts that fall into the general sticking group.

A few even use the collective word "tack" to mean brush, blanket, bandage, nut liner - anything you can find in a box semitrailer or hold. Hacking up" means the act of placing a nut and harness on the horse to use it.

It' is something like using the word "disguise" to mean a person who puts on beautiful clothing. The abbreviation stands for hackle, which is common to many sports; angling gear, etc. Widespread in the horse industries and includes everything that would be used for horse backriding ( floating horse that can be said to lay on the harness) to incorporate Bridles, Saddles and Breastplates when used.

In order to "tack" a horse for lungeing, it could contain boot for protecting the legs. This is because horse equipment (i.e. saddles, bridles) is known in the riding community as the "turning point". "is the generic name for horse equipment. Maybe the source of the word "tackle" was like fishhogs. Setting this turning point on the horse means turning point.

This is because the leather-bound parts of horse equipment - tacks, horse tacks, collar, harnesses etc. - are described as a turning point. A horse's "equipment", the nut and harness, is known as the turning point, i.e. you "wind" a horse because you provide it with the turning point. More than 60 years ago, when I was together with a horse, all I know is that all horse equipment such as seat, harness, saddlecloth, everything the horse has to put on the horse to ride seems to come under the heading "tack" instead of giving each item a name.

This means that you will put the harness, the nut and whatever else you use to mount your horse, on the horse and the harness also means that you will be riding very soon. Probably the generic name for horse equipment is tackle when the horse is to be rode.

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